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How Does Radio Station Decides What Music To Play?

There’s so many rumors and half-truths about music on the radio. The biggest ones which I like answer to are:
1.Does record labels really pay radio station to play their Artist songs?
2.Do radio only play what’s in the Top 40?
3.Do people really still request songs in these days? Because why request a song when I have so many disposable options to listen to said song whenever I want?

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Do You Think A Person Is Really Into Music If He Knows How To Play An Instrument?

I really LOVE listening to bands like Bring Me the Horizon, Asking Alexandria, Muse, Greenday, Pierce The Veil, The Architects etc. But I really don’t know how to play a musical instrument and I don’t have much knowledge on the music itself. I feel weird because all of my friends are really deep into this stuff and they know how to play instruments..while I really have no clue about music notes or anything. Do you think I value music as much as them?

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What Really Sells In The Music Industry?

I understand that the music industry sells records, merchandise, concerts, etc, but how do music bosses make there millions. What are some trade secrets?

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In Need Of Funding For Music Video And Video Marketing?

Hi, I have been a Hip-Hop recording artist for years. Last year I signed a deal with independent major record label that was an affiliate of Universal Music Group. Recently I made a plan with new management regarding hitting the national market, but I need the funding to put it in action. Any ideas or people who can help?

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Are The 3 Main Genres Within Classical Music Baroque, Romantic, Classical?

Who are the most important composers of each style?
Who are some famous composers who wrote in more than one style?
Is classical music separated into “genres” mostly by the time period, or are there composers who are considered to play a style different from the dominant style of the day?

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Do You Guys Believe In The Illuminati In Tbe Music Industry/ Hollywood Or Illuminati In General ?

Do you guys actually believe artist sell their souls or do sacrifices to get their fame ? Sometimes I think “why can’t a celebrity just be talented and made it their on their own” but you start doing research and putting dots together and might just think it’s real

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