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Have Liberals Got The Benghazi Story Straight Yet?

First they said Hillary Clinton couldn’t send extra security to Benghazi because of republican budget cuts. Now they are saying no request for extra security was ever made. Well it can’t be both.
So which story are they going with today?

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  1. Bekindto says:

    I don’t think any of us have the story straight. PJ Media said they interviewed some other diplomats who have said that Stevens was in Benghazi to buy back missiles from the terrorists. The US provided them to the Libyan rebels who turned out to be Al Qaida affiliates. That is why they didn’t want any real security there. Instead they killed Stevens and others. Admiral Hamm who was in charge of military presence in Libya was not happy to have a stand down order which is claimed to have come from the WH, and he said they could have had help there quickly. He, evidently, was the one who told the guys at Tripoli to go to Benghazi against orders. He resigned shortly after if you recall. So far, this is hearsay but there are whistle blowers who will testify about this. Usually the CIA deals with rounding up weapons in situations like this. This is really the only explanation I have heard that actually brings it all together even explaining why they would not want the truth to be known. But time will tell..

  2. Felonious Monkey says:

    The entire Benghazi commission should just quit and rely on your insightful comments. Clearly you have this whole thing figured out. Why isn’t Congress knocking at your door? You could be a national hero!

  3. Corrine says:

    They’re going with whatever story the White House tells them to believe.
    See, the democrats like things that continue “evolving”. (Particularly when they keep getting caught out in lies).

  4. Shrug says:

    We still haven’t figured out why they changed the talking points and who came up with the lie that it was a “spontaneous protest” over a “YouTube video.”

  5. Babyspit says:

    absolutely nothing fox or (R)’s have taught you about benghazi is true.
    you are chasing a conservative fantasy.

  6. smsmith5 says:

    I am sure they have several more versions they will try out when these 2 fail to convince.

  7. Really? says:

    Fox news has no idea what liberals are saying as they just make it up

  8. wtinc says:

    They have not even been honest enough to release the poor guy they tried to pin this on.

  9. Alinerat says:

    Lots of paranoia.

  10. Don't Fear The Reaper says:

    You have heard the latest? “There’s no STORY here”. And they’re sticking to that….Move on puny Conservatives

  11. Bopped says:

    Here is the truth

  12. ace says:

    Yes,some people attacked our consulate there.

  13. Big One 0909 says:

    Really, At THIS POINT, What does it matter?
    we need to find out what happened so it never happens again.
    Of course, I don’;t know how to do THAT without making all he other stuff matter Big Time!

  14. Mark F says:

    You don’t.

  15. Them Bones says:

    they don’t even know what you are talking about…


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