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Have Liberals Got The Benghazi Story Straight Yet?

First they said Hillary Clinton couldn’t send extra security to Benghazi because of republican budget cuts. Now they are saying no request for extra security was ever made. Well it can’t be both.
So which story are they going with today?

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Why Are Liberals Suddenly Denouncing Longtime Left Wing Heroes?

And will there be a response OTHER than ” Since when have you started believing left wingers” lmao
Libs.. I didn’t tell Chris Matthews or Maureen Dowd what to say.
What you SHOULD deduce from this is the fact that Obama’s incompetence is not longer deniable and the seriousness of what is going on.
So, what do you deduce from this?
Maureen Dowd
New York Times
The administration’s behavior before and during the attack in Benghazi, in which four Americans died, was unworthy of the greatest power on earth.
President Obama knew he was sending diplomats and their protectors into a country that was no longer a country, a land rife with fighters affiliated with Al Qaeda.
Yet in this hottest of hot spots, the State Department’s minimum security requirements were not met, requests for more security were rejected, and contingency plans were not drawn up, despite the portentous date of 9/11 and cascading warnings from the C.I.A
The defense secretary at the time, Leon Panetta, insisted, “We quickly responded.” But they responded that they would not respond.http://www.nytimes.com/2013/05/12/opinio…
Chris Matthews:
“He does run the IRS. He runs the Treasury Department. He runs the United States government, and he is accountable for it, and this is nonsensical.”http://freebeacon.com/matthews-president…
President Obama “obviously likes giving speeches more than he does running the executive branch,” Chris Matthews said tonight.
“What part of the presidency does Obama like? He doesn’t like dealing with other politicians — that means his own cabinet, that means members of the congress, either party. He doesn’t particularly like the press…. He likes to write the speeches, likes to rewrite what Favreau and the others wrote for the first draft,” Matthews said.
“So what part does he like? He likes going on the road, campaigning, visiting businesses like he does every couple days somewhere in Ohio or somewhere,” Matthews continued. “But what part does he like? He doesn’t like lobbying for the bills he cares about. He doesn’t like selling to the press. He doesn’t like giving orders or giving somebody the power to give orders. He doesn’t seem to like being an executive.”http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2013…

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Why Do Liberals Attack Fox News?

It’s part of the liberal “hate program”, yes it’s a program. There is a long list of things that the left is supposed to be militant towards and FOX is one of them.
Attacks against FOX by the left are invalid as they don’t even know why they’re doing it, they were told to hate FOX by FOX’s competition. FOX is the only mainstream Right Wing news station.
They don’t even realize that the things they attack FOX for (which may or may not exist) exist in far greater amounts on leftist news sites like MSNBC and CNN.
MSNBC, CNN, and ABC are hog-sh*t heaps of partisan hackery.

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Republicans Blame Liberals For The Moral Decline Of The Country But Isnt It Really Capitalism That Is At Fault?

Fast food and junk food is a product of Capitalism and is the source of obesity and heart disease epidemic. We are still dependent on oil as corporations continue to keep out better alternatives (see Who Killed the Electric Car for one example). The rich keep getting richer, the middle class will all be on government aid in the next 20 years at the rate we are going. Media caters to viewers lust and greed.
We need a new economic system that is less dependent on the so called free-market.

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Why Do Militant Right Wingers Think All Liberals Support Terrorism And Or Are An Enemy?

Came across a question that sparked mine. The question was “Why do all liberals support terrorism? And why do they support the enemy?” Several people answered that the reason was because liberals are the enemy. I do not affiliate with any political party but this irritated me. My ex is a two time Iraqi war veteran (this was back in 04 and 05 when things were at their worst; also he manned a tank and thus was on the front line) and is still enlisted and wanting to do more. So I direct my question to the militant conservatives that lump all non militant conservatives into the group of terrorist enablers. The most irritating part is I have a feeling most of the people commenting will never see war up close. Yahoo desperately wanted me to ask a question so….ta da! Any takers?

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Why Are Liberals So Mean?

*I asked the same question and it got deleted for some reason*
I am affiliated with no political party but I was having a conversation with a liberal online and when I spoke out or questioned on some of his ideals, he immediately started attacking with insults and soon the whole page went neo nazi on me with hate. I did my best to speak to them calmly and tried to be civilized with them, even went as far as complimenting them but they still continued to attack with vulgar hate. Why is this? Why are they so ignorant and close minded that they must resort to hate when their ideology is questioned?

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