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Holding Back from Choosing Your Affiliate Marketing Niche?

It’s the perfect niche!  Or is it?  The other ones were better.  I’ll work on all of them!

Sound familiar? 
Are you one who procrastinates, or paces trying to make a decision while the computer goes into save mode?  Let’s get you on your way to promoting that perfect niche.

It can be frustrating wanting to start something new and wanting to do it well.  No one likes failure.
You either started with the idea that you have a hobby or an idea, and just knew you could make money from it somehow or, you really wanted to make money working from home and loved the idea of  being able to let your day job go bye-bye.

That first niche you picked?  Let’s make that your niche and hit the road running.
Let’s face it, one would be hard pressed to find that golden idea that hasn’t been done in Affiliate Marketing.  We all would love to think so, and maybe I’m wrong, but, today we need to make some income. 

There isn’t any wrong niche . . . it’s all in how you promote it and how you run your Affiliate Marketing business.  I can guarantee that if you truly put in the time, you will make money at any niche you choose to market.  Affiliate Marketing is all about getting the consumer to the product.  That is your job.

NOW . . . all those other niches you’ve been stewing over?  Keep them in a notebook and save them for your next campaign.  You are going to work this first great niche hard until you have sucked everything out of it that you can.  If you want to make money at this, you are going to work this baby daily and though you will be learning as you go, you need to be taking active steps.  No more pacing and pondering and reading endless website testimonies.  This is your time to act.

One of the biggest reasons people stop progressing in their Affiliate Marketing plan, is that they get excited and move forward trying to work with several niches at a time.  You will end up all over the place and before you know it, you will be confused, overwhelmed and disheartened.  Do yourself a favor and focus all your attention on your one niche.  Pick it – Love it – Work it!

You will want to go on to branch out your niche to several smaller niches (if you chose gardening, list things like garden hoes, gardening books, garden themes, etc . . . ) and find Affiliate Marketing Programs that want to pay you to advertise or write about their products.  You can spend all day listing and applying to these Affiliate Network companies.  There is an Affiliate program for almost anthing you can think of.  Then you”re off to find your favorite avenue for promoting them.  This is another list full of opportunities.  It is exciting and only frustrating if you let it be.

I love this work, and I would be thrilled to help others avoid the time-wasting efforts I took to get here.  Watch for my other articles and visit my blog anytime you want a boost.  I am straight-forward and will never steer you toward any Affiliate Marketing scams! 

So . . . your niche?  Pick it – Love it – and Work it!


I run my own Affiliate Marketing website at Linda’s Marketing Warriors.  Visit me and see how I have learned the ropes to building my own Internet Business. 

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