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Who Would Win: Dc’s League Of Shadows Or Marvel’s The Hand?

each team has 4 members from the comics
League of Shadows: An Eco terrorist group led by Ras Al Ghul, an immortal criminal mastermind.
Expert martial artist and an assisins: best weapon is the Lazarus pits: a chemical in the earth that can revive, rejuvenate and resurrect people: although it can add in madness
Ras Al Ghul: armed with a sabre
Talia Al Ghul: armed with twin daggers and a glock
Bane: his intelect and brute strenght
Deathstroke: armed with katana and mac10
The Hand
A centuries old clan of ninja that hope to obtain power to make japan are more powerful nation, as well as make money. A clan of ninjas and sorcerers who can resurrect the dead and enhance their power. many heroes and villians have been affiliated with the clan
Elektra: armed with twin sai, able to switch her mind to other bodies and control them (rarely used in the comics)
Psylock: psychic powers, generate psychic blades including katana
Wolverine: healing factor and his signature claws
Dare Devil: blind fighter who can see the “shadows” of the world due his super sonic hearing
who wins in this battle

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