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How To I Get More Traffic To My Blog?

My blog is growing and is getting more traffic but I want it to of course keep increasing what should i do? Also i advertise on facebook so please dont mention that. Any other websites?

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Important Historical Figure In Tallahassee?

Reasearch report due Monday…I’m having a hard time finding a person affiliated with Tallahassee’s history. Ex. Who? How did they contribute? Why were they important to Tallahassee? How ar they recognized today? Basically if you could even just give me a name I’d be happy 🙂

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Getting Traffic To My Affiliate Website?

I am an affiliate for amazon and am not getting the amount of traffic I would like. I am us pintrest and twitter. I think twitter is working but I’m having a really hard time with pintrest. My niche is bodybuilding supplements ( I know not the best.) Does anybody have good ideas or ways to get more traffic? It would be greatly appericated! Thank you!

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Do You Think Victoria’s Secret Is Wrong To Target Teens And Tweens For Ad Campaign?

Apparently, some parents are outraged at the “Bright Young Things” ad campaign, which have a Spring Break theme, and models that are so young as to be almost flat-chested. (pic in link)
Even Justin Bieber appeared and sang during a fashion show for VS.
Is it just good business for Victoria’s Secret to go after this target market, capitalizing on a society that already sexualizes young girls?
What part should parents play in this?…

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If I’m Locked Out Of My Android Phone And Also Don’t Know My Pattern Password?

I don’t know my pattern password or google account. How can I get back into my phone?

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What Casual Dresses Will Look Good On Me?

I am 4’11 and wear a size 12 with a 36F. I have to wear a white casual dress to a high school graduation that I am helping out with. I will be sitting in the front telling the graduates when to sit and stand, so I need to look good. I have love handles and I don’t have fat rolls. I also have a big butt and large thighs. I have been trying to look up dresses that look good but I don’t know what to follow. Please help me! And I am not going to post any pictures sorry.

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