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For Those Of You Who Live In The Midwest?

Places like Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, North Dakota, South Dakota, why don’t you hear about hate crimes based on race there? In fact, you rarely hear about crime there. Is it because it’s so cold most of the time that people can’t be concerned with being a criminal or is it because they don’t have a reason to be racist? I am black, and I can understand that the things black people do cause white people to be racist, so I am wondering whether living in the Midwest where there are few black people would be better for me. I try to get along with everyone and am not a troublemaker. I believe that other people cause people to snap and do bad things, and so I believe we are all born innocent. Am I wrong here, guys? Not that I plan on moving there, but say I met a girl from Idaho. Would I be okay moving to Idaho? 🙂

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Based Solely Upon Your Personal Opinion And Observations In Gender Studies,?

Have either the feminist or the MRA been able to maintain the morale high going over the other? Personally, I have been treated a little more kindly by a few of the MRA’s than the feminist, not all fems are unkind, but I guess that just my experience.
I don’t really see a difference between either movement to be perfectly honest. Both appear, to me at least, to be willing to use baseless generalization, petty insults and outright trolling to defend or attack the opposition. Can’t say about the reporting, I have a hunch they are just reporting each other and all who seem to be affiliated with either at this point.
And while I don’t wholly agree with either group, I can say that you have to admire their single minded dedication to ticking each other off on the daily.

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Do You Have Some Tools Or Keywords For Which I Can Found Question Related Digital Marketing.?

I want yahoo questions related to digital marketing, scrolling signs, and banners for advertisement.
plz provide only niche answers.

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Teen Boys & Girls! Help Me?

Tomorow is last day of
my school and i want to
give something as a
memory to my best
dudes (G and P)
they both are best buddy
and are like brothers to
I cannot go market now.
And tomorow i want to
give something.
What should i give?

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California – First Ticket, If I Just Pay The Fine Do I Still Get Points?…
I’m checking this site and it says:
6) How do I know if I can take Traffic School?
The court should be able to tell you whether or not traffic school is an option and what schools are approved.
You should not get any points on your record if:
this is your first ticket
the court allows you to go to traffic school
Does this mean I will get no points on my record or do I have to take traffic school? I also checked the DMV site and it said the same thing about first ticket.

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Help Edit My Query Letter Please?

It’s one thing for your writer’s group to critique your story because you can pick and choose what you think is best, but this is a query letter. This decides your fate and everyone has different opinions as to how it should look. I need help
Anna Faktorovich, director
Anaphora Literary Press
5755 E. River Rd, Unit 2201
Tuscan, AZ 85750
Dear Ms. Faktorovich.
Sisters with a Secret is a 50,000 word novel that is a paranormal fantasy, young adult novel with series potential.
I’ve been writing all my life and starting a few years ago, I’ve been to numerous writers’ groups. Each of which have been extremely helpful and members have said I have improved greatly. I wrote a few articles for my school paper; interviewed people and even drew a picture for an article I wrote. I even wrote a poem assigned in school that was published in a book of poetry in 2012, Famous Poets of the Heartland.
Sisters with a Secret is about two sets of sisters discover they’re witches and have magical powers. The girls will be put them in danger if the wrong people, a group of witch-hunters find out about them. The witch-hunters had killed their mother and the girls fear the hunters will come after them. So they have to keep their powers a secret as long as possible.
Sisters with a Secret is perfect for your collection because it has fantasy, suspense and action.
This story is aimed at an audience between the ages of 12-18, however I believe this could be great for age groups who have experienced or are experiencing high school drama; homework, cheating, jealousy, breakups, or good experiences, loving someone, making friends. I plan my target audience via Facebook; others marketing plans include approaching bookstore managers before book signings.
Thank you for considering Sisters with a Secret
Please find attached manuscript
Phylicia Bozzi
214 Desmond Dr
Schaumburg, IL 60193
Here’s the link to the Anaphora Submission Guidelines

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