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Affiliate Secrets – The Shocking Truth Behind Top Affiliate Products

You’re looking for the quickest way to build substantial wealth on the internet. And you’ve read many articles which pointed out huge benefits of being an affiliate… a reseller of other people’s products.

You’ve probably been told that you should look for:

A high commission rate. You’ve heard that 50% is the bare minimum, and it should ideally be up towards 75%.
Low competition, so you have the market all to yourself.

So you start searching and find a product that gives a commission rate of 75% on a $ 97 product. That seems to check all the boxes, doesn’t it? After sales and commission costs are taken out, you might be getting as much as $ 60 in your pocket. Well, that’s the theory. But there’s a couple of barriers that might put some flies in the ointment and not make the product that attractive to you:

– The product price might be too high. The product owners might have ramped the price up to make the deal look more attractive for affiliates. But the high price could also be putting buyers off. You need to check that the selling price is realistic for the product.

Here’s an example of how price affects sales: A few years back I experimented with putting up the price of one of my products only to find that sales dropped immediately by over 30%. I had unwittingly broken a psychological price barrier for my buyers, and they responded by keeping their hands on their wallets. Since the increased profit didn’t balance out the drop in sales, I moved back to the original price as soon as I saw the pattern developing. Sales quickly returned to normal.

– The refund rate might be too high. Unless you are sure the product has a top reputation, it might have a top refund rate as well! Make sure that this rate is well below 10% which is normally considered the highest acceptable return rating for digital products. Any higher than 10%, and you’ll probably be seeing a lot of your hard-earned commissions being debited from your reseller’s account.

The secret is not to base your decision solely on high price and a high commission rate. Do your homework by checking out the product thoroughly before you commit to your reselling strategy.

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My Sister Is Mad At Me For Telling The Truth? Help!?

Honestly, i love my sister to death but now i feel like i crushed her dreams. She told me she wanted to take vocal, guitar, and piano private lessons. I told her that would be very expensive and time consuming considering shes also in concert band, marching band, and dance. She then told me she wants to get a laptop and video camera and post covers on youtube, and she wants our parents to buy that because she has no money. She said ahe wants to grow upmto be a famous singer and so i had her sing for me and trust me, nobody would want to listen to that on an album. I told her the truth and she started crying. I told her maybe singing isnt her niche in life and she told me to f*ck myself. I just dknt want her gettig embarrased and thinkig shes such a good singer. Now i feel really bad and i feel like im crushig her dreams but i just told the truth. What should i do?

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How Do I Find The Truth?

Well, this is a very vague and obscure topic, and I know how difficult a question it is to answer, being right up there along with ‘What is the meaning to life?’.
I have always been rather ‘introverted’ (reflective and taciturn with a tendency to avoid expending effort) and I do not mean ‘anti-social’ or awkward. I just simply mean that I am contemplative, and have a relatively clear understanding of who I am. I am very mature and often find that it’s difficult to enjoy the things most people do.
Where I am finding difficulty, is that I have no way to know what is more ‘real’ and actually matters in development as a person. I tried personality theory (socionics, MBTI), and I’ve tried meditation, and they never seem to have information on what actually matters in life. I feel tugged between two ideals, a life of meditation and obscurity or a life of external achievement only to possibly find that it means nothing to me. I have tried my best to find answers on my own, but the arguments justifying an esoteric life seem so insubstantial and incoherent, and they seem to simply be a series of eloquent descriptions of ‘enlightenment’ with no certainty of whether they were made-up.
The arguments for living a productive life contributing to society and facing endless competition seem equally absurd, and they undervalue how tangible the mind can be, and completely ignore the value of subjectivity (a feeling of accomplishment/happiness) instead placing a huge emphasis on ‘jumping through hoops’.
The biggest issue I have, is simply that I want to find a productive and comfortable niche, but in order to do that I need to identify which reality matters more. I have no solid evidence for internal or external experiences being more important. I often put off asking questions like this because most people wouldn’t see the point in asing them.
I have always been mature and intelligent, and quite skilled, but rarely had any need to use my skills or even show that I have them to other people. I have never had ambition or any competitive spirit, and in general, I prefer solitude because I find most conversation/interaction to be tedius and boring. Most of the people I know are very childish and easily swept away by hype, but at the same time, I question whether I’m the child throwing temper tantrums because I don’t like what they do.
It is a very common struggle in literature, and in all honesty, I have yet to find another person at about the same place in their journey, and seldom found someone mature enough that I can look to for answers. I don’t seek reassurance; I find it in my solitude and reflections. What I seek is external evidence, rather than mere concepts embedded within stories. I am the kind that cannot be content with the normal standards of success, and yet, seeks a niche where I fit comfortably and can be myself. I do not have many material needs, but at the same time, I find that the only reason I speak is because I dislike the silence of knowing I don’t have to.
I am simply looking for something to apply myself to that I can believe in, and that won’t leave me ignoring either the external or internal world I experience. I find all too often that I don’t feel a need to do anything unless it is necessary, and that I do a lot of unnecessary things because I genuinely want to understand the world and my place in it. Even in writing this, I have contemplated its deletion simply on account of it seeming an unnecessary addition that will likely leave me where I started.
I have also considered that I’m possibly mentally unsound, and yet I find that stress has little power over me, and that I do not worry or fear like the people around me. Is it that I simply cannot enjoy what those around me do, or is it perhaps that I have grown beyond such trifling materials and shared interests? I have found that what I want most is not so much answers as perspective. I know where I am in relation to those around me, and I know myself well, but I do not know my exact position in this journey we call life. I simply want to know where I am and where I am going, not the direction I am going versus the direction they are going. Please be aware that I have deeply considered all the possiblities and implications of what I know, but I have no solid reference point by which to map them out.
Where is there something which doesn’t require pure faith in its reality? I simply seek to know where to find truth, rather than opinion; knowledge, rather than facts and figures; and certainty, rather than possibility.

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Monetizing A Blog…?

Hello, yahoo contributors. I have a question that will question my shallowness. I am interested in how much work does it take to monetize a blog.
To rule it out, I’m talking 500 $ a month. This is.. let’s say, my top goal. My question really comes down to numbers. How much money do pay-per-click ads generate? How much money do banners generate? I know this all comes to traffic, but how much traffic should I have to be able to cash out 500 bucks a month? I know a successful blog comes down to a niche, to passion, to quality content. But the only thing I care about right now is dough. Being smart, as I consider myself to be, I know I could to this. I have no problem in writing low class material that would bring stupid audience and no principles when it comes down to this.
Please don’t judge me, I’m not really like this (you can ask my girlfriend, she knows I’m awesome), but this is the truth when it comes to this particular case. I would appreciate it if you could help me (again, what I’m looking for are numbers).
Thank you.

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Does The Holy Spirit Guide Anyone In Understanding The Bible? Who? Why Do They Differ?

Different denominations and individual christians not affiliated to denominations claim if you ”prayerfully wait upon the Lord” he will guide you to the truth. They have, and he has guided them to different truths. Strange?

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No Friends Because I’m Unique. Help?

I’m always different from everyone I spend time with. If I’m in a group of people, 90% of the time if they want to do something, I want to do something else. The only time my needs/wants are served is if someone else wants to do that too or if they don’t mind that particular time. My needs/wants are greatly under-served, and that builds resentment in me. I try to be selfless, but I’m human, and eventually what I want shows itself, and people leave. For instance, when I was 4-years-old, I loved jazz music. When other 4-year-olds where watching Barney, I was listening to jazz.
I’ve always had the struggle: be true to myself and be alone OR pretend to like this or that and have temporary company until they discover the truth. It just feels really false and fulfilling. I always feel lonely when I’m surrounded by “friends”.
I’m in my mid-twenties now, and making friends is harder than ever. I don’t have a “niche”. There may be like-minded people somewhere out there, but there aren’t many of them. I’m so lonely.

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