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Why Do People Sell Websites If They Are Making Money?

Hi, I’m not in the business of buying websites but in my time of browsing I have came across some places online that allow people to buy and sell websites. For example most of the time the websites are apparently making money through ads or affiliate marketing and been sold for a price that would allow the buyer to make back their money and a profit (based on what the websites are apparently generating) within a few months.
So why would people want to sell these for a once off payment if they would make more keeping them? Is it a type of scam or a genuine business? Thanks.

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How To Sell Ebooks Through Affiliate Marketing?

I am working on some ebooks, that i want to start selling. Please don’t tell me nothing about if my ebooks are not good, they will not sell, because i know they are good. I want some affiliate marketers to sell my ebooks. I am willing to give up to 80% to the marketers. There is only 1 rule, which is everyday they should sell at least between 60 and 100 books.

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Please Tell Me The Ways To Sell Affiliate Products Online?

the number ways to sell products, as an affiliate (ex. clickbank) online?

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Crafts For Teens To Sell?

I want to make more money! Any ideas on easy crafts for a teen to make? Preferably ones that sell easily and well? What do you guys make that sells well? And what should I sell it for?($$$) Thanks:)

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Does Amazon Charge You If You Become An Affiliate And Sell A Product?

Because it says that they charge you some fee a 15%
but I am an international affiliate
thank you!

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Is It Possible To “sell Your Soul To The Devil”?

heard of artists such as Kanye and Jay-z and a lot of older rock bands selling their souls… is it bullshit or is it real? any proof? I’ve done research on the illuminati if that contributes to the question at all lol.

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