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Libs, Do You Agree With Obama’s Foreign Policy Regarding Diplomatic Security?

That in areas where known terrorist activity is prevalent, we should put “Muslim Sensitivities” ahead of the safety of American Diplomats
“the administration’s plan was to deploy a modest American security force and then increasingly rely on trained Libyan personnel to protect American diplomats — a policy that reflected White House apprehensions about putting combat troops on the ground as well as Libyan sensitivities about an obtrusive American security presence.”
****** White House apprehensions about putting combat troops on the ground as well as Libyan sensitivities about an obtrusive American security presence****
“The State Dept maintained the number of security personnel members at the Benghazi compound around the minimum recommended level”
NY Times – Oct 2012…
Do you Agree with Left-Wing Maureen Dowd?
Maureen Dowd
New York Times
The administration’s behavior before and during the attack in Benghazi, in which four Americans died, was unworthy of the greatest power on earth.
President Obama knew he was sending diplomats and their protectors into a country that was no longer a country, a land rife with fighters affiliated with Al Qaeda.
Yet in this hottest of hot spots, the State Department’s minimum security requirements were not met, requests for more security were rejected, and contingency plans were not drawn up, despite the portentous date of 9/11 and cascading warnings from the C.I.A…

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Yahoo Security Worries?

My yahoo site has been hacked into on at least 30 occasion’s as per my activity checker. I am a UK user but Yahoo hasn’t picked up that my page is being accessed from Chile and the Netherlands. I have changed every bit of my security settings and it is still happening. How do you stop the hackers if Yahoo doesn’t even block them?

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Why Are People Afraid Of Knowledge In Computer Security?

Sometimes, I find my answers reported as abusive. This seems to happen when I direct someone asking for knowledge in malware analysis or for samples (which can be downloaded practically everywhere). I think my answers are technically sound and unbiased, as it has to be, because yelling “this is evil” does noone get anywhere. And if someone wants to gather knowledge about “computer viruses”, he’ll get it from for example securitytube. So why not point future analysts in the right direction?
I would like to understand how people think, are they afraid of the knowledge itself?
Or just raging because someone spreads knowlegde instead of repeating politically corect slogans as “this is illegal” and “don’t hack, its bad” (aka moralists)?
Or is it professionals fearing for their share in the market or their “secrets”?

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Security For Opening A Niche Shop?

I’m am looking at possibly opening a shop to sell various things such as magic, pokemon, yugioh cards, and many other things. For something like pokemon cards, they usually come in an outer box, then packed in a plastic sleeve. My main question is for an item like this, where is the security part in the packaging (if it has it at all)? I would prefer to sell them inside the sleeves only, but if the security portion is in the box then I would need to sell it in those.

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Should I Finish Up My Phd In Chemistry Or Get A Second Masters In Education?

Where I am now. I have currently achieved my masters in chemistry while working towards my phd the last two and a half years. I have finished the synopsis and proposal (half-way examinations for the phd degree) and I will have about another two to two and a half years until I earn a phd.
I have been looking ahead in terms of what I want out of life and my career. I desire job security just as much as everyone else. I believe that the job security I long for is just a pipe dream for researchers in general. Relatively few tenure track positions are available in science and from what I hear it is not a rare occurrence to have over 250 applications for a single job in what is supposedly a niche field. This job competition will exist regardless of the situation of the global economy and to a great degree has made research unattractive(quantity over quality is rewarded.) I have enjoyed teaching while being a teaching assistant(running general chemistry labs and Q&A sessions with undergraduate students) and I have a “gift” for presenting information.
My coworkers urge me to continue in research and tell me I would make a great researcher(this being their gut response) in my field or any field I choose to migrate towards after my phd. The qualities mentioned by my coworkers were:
Problem solver
Care/dedication for the science and project at hand (quality research not quantity)
Willingness/eagerness to learn
Effective or “gifted” communicator
The questions that I really want answered are:
Which is the more viable career move? phd in chemistry or dual masters chemistry/education
Would I be able to teach multiple subjects(beyond chemistry) with only minors in the fields?
If I had the phd would I be overqualified for teaching positions at a high school level?
Could I get a job in management with my chemistry phd? Other non-conventional careers?
As an undergraduate I had my B.S. in chemistry with minors in physics and mathematics.
A masters in education is another two to two and a half year long program unless courses are carried over from my chemistry masters.
Current age is 25 as of Feb. 2013
Currently I am being paid to continue my phd research versus a masters in education would require me to pay to stay in the program.
Currently have a number of publications.
~Sad Chemist

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Can This Company Be Reported For Scamming People?

There is a company located in the Philippines, which claims to make security card IDs, but there is proof to suggest that they are cold evil scammers. I don’t even think it is a company, but a few people. The company is apparently called Administrative Verification Office International. Basically the company claims it makes security IDs, which prove people of any age are safe to meet. People email this company for a security ID and the security ID costs 100 pounds. The person submits there details to the company including address, date of birth etc… The company then claims it is affiliated with the Criminal Records Bureau and that they search their database to see if the person has a criminal record. If there is more than one person with the same name, then the company requests a further 100 pounds to clear their name from the database. The company then confirms that they will send the security ID card via Fedex to the persons address, but quite a few people have not received their security ID and when they have tried to contact back the company they don’t reply back. The company does not even issue out their telephone number. My friend was stupid enough to order a security ID, a month ago, but it has not arrived. The address of the company apparently is: La Maja Rica Hotel, Tarlac City in the Philippines. The admin assistant is called Michelle Evergreen and the chief officer is called Jerome Malungcut, but I believe these are false names. Can this company be reported for illegal activities?

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