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Is 50 Dollars Good Present To Give To Son?

He is 13 gets good grades but he wants a 100 he said he’ll spend it on cloths and start a niche website but I want to give him 50 what do you think

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Is This A Good Christmas Present Idea?

Secret santa at college, do you think a baccy tin from and antique shop or market is a good present for a 16/17 year old guy, if not any suggestions? I don’t know him that well, I’ve known him for 3 months. It has to be £5 or under.

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Latest Greatest Niche?

What is the highest converting niche on the internet at present ?

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Birthday Present Spizikes Grape!?

ok so my friend’s birthday is in less than a week, and she really wanted some spizikes but the ones she wanted were like sold out. Is there anyway i can get it for her somewhere or like on some site? Her shoe size is 5.5 in guys/youth and 7 in women’s. Thanks.

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