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Network Marketing Tips And Tricks?

I have started Goldmine international buisness.Plz tell me the basic tips and tricks to attract people.

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How Do I Come Out? Plz. Help?

Me (26) posted in a upcountry small town where bachelor’s accomodation being scarce I had to manage a single room staying in the residence of of one of our ordinary businessman client as PG since last one year.
The landlady i.e. the clients wife, aged around 50, having single daughter pursuing college studies outstation is motherly affectionate to me since begining. Landlady’s hubby remains extremely busy with his business. Within short span of time, I developed close intimacy with the motherly landlady, enjoying talking to each other for long hours and almost regular hangouts in the evening. During such visits to mandir, market & other places, physical contacts with her attractive robust big breasts evoked my temptations, which she could easily understand. Her indulgence led us to develop an unique relation of enjoying intimate hugging & fondling each other in privacy at home. The entire acts remains unuttered from either side, even while I resorted to foreplaying, quizing & sucking her blouse lifted unveiled beautiful big breasts. Though she was visibly consenting me to proceed further yet I restricted myself to foreplaying & comforting upon her robust big breasts only (becoz of my past experience of total loss of interest after having sex with an elderly neighbour women in my college days).
While continuing such semi-physical secret relation with her for almost 03 months, a matrimonial proposal for their daughter with me was mooted by her hubby with my parents. Me too liked her daughter and had no apparent reason to decline and accordingly it has been decided to have our knot tied after completion of her studies by few months.
Thereafter the semi-physical secret relation with my would be mother in law should have been stopped. But incidentally her hubby went outstation for few days, when she desired me to sleep with her at night. On the first night itself she held my erected stout rod to ‘come in’ and enjoyed highest satisfaction with shivering orgasm. Since then she became badly crazy of having sex with me regularly for the last three months.
I really can’t resist having regular sex with my would be mother in law and it’s just impossible to decline the agreed marriage with her daughter at this stage.
It may be easy blaming me and advising impractical. But what happened and what’s happening were unavoidable.
Anyone having an understanding mind may please advise ‘How do I come out?’

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Great Blue Heron And Common Snipe?

how are they similar? how are they different? and how might their differences enable them to occupy different niches?
make it brief.
plz, thanks :))

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Gang Advice Help Plz?

Im gang affiliated … Recently my gang has been in the news for a shooting and a planned shooting and a few other things… In the paper they have a detectives number to call with any info …. I haven’t hung out with the gang in a while, I’m on probation now I spent a lil while in jail for criminal mischief ..Ive been having problem with my own gang because i want to leave it and because ” I haven’t been kicking it enough” I haven’t seen them or Hung out in about 4 months …. What would happen if I called that detective up and tried to give him info im technically in the gang since I haven’t been let go .. and Idk what they will do when they see me least they can do is beat me up worst would b get shot or shoot up my house which i don’t want since my family is here and they have nothing to do with it ….the thing is I don’t want the detective to drop my name and then ill definitely b a Target for them And b labeled a snitch….could I get in trouble by the cops if I do this? And what would they want to know? Who the leader is? I just don’t knw what to do …I messed up joining it but I was really young ….now overtime they call me I have to make an excuse for why I can’t go meet up ….any advice?

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Help Plz 1o Points For Right Answer Asap?

2. The stable ecosystem that develops due to succession _____.
(1 point)
is called a niche
is always a forest
is called a climax community
never changes
Figure 3-6
3. Look at the graph in Figure 3-6. Approximately how many hours of sunlight should these plants receive each day in order to make them grow at their optimum level?
(1 point)
4. Water temperature and light are two ____________________ factors that affect the tolerance range of organisms in a lake.
(1 point)
5. Tropical rain forest and ____________________ biomes are both characterized by a thin layer of nutrient-poor topsoil that can support only shallow-rooted plants.
(1 point)
6. Fires, natural disasters, and human intervention are possible causes of ____________________.

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I Have Done Cima. Plz Tell Me About Salary For Cima Affiliate In Uk And Dubai. Thnx In Advance?

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