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Has Jesus Ever Appeared On University Challenge?

Niche market question.

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Where Is There A Niche Market For A Health And Fitness Club? What Is The Location?

In which area is there a gap market for health and fitness clubs because I need to know for my coursework. I’m launching a new health and fitness club in a new location. Could anyone help me?

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Why Is It Necessary For Businesses To Be Flexible In A Niche Market?

Business studies question.

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What Are Two Problems That You Might Face As A Result Of Moving Away From Original Niche Market?


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How Can I Create A Price Comparison Website?

I would like to know:
1. Good softwares for creating a simple price comparison website.(for niche market, not for many types of products)
2. Search engines that allows you to search by different categories.
(The ‘Buy search’ engine in the following website is the ideal one where you can search by title, authors, categories, etc.)
3. Do I have to input the information for products from every single online seller one by one?
(e.g. if 10 online sellers sell a certain book, do I have to input its title, author, etc. ten times for every single online seller and repeat the process for all the books?)
Or are there some softwares which do these processes automatically? (Is Monzenda one of those?)
Please note that I have little knowledge about PHP or that kind of jargons..
Thank you!

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Thinking Of Setting Up A Market Stall? Wheres A Cheap Place To Buy Stock? Help?

In town there is always are large market and im thinking about opening a stall, (im 16) am i old enough? How do i go about having a stall only at weekends? Is it worth it?
Wheres the best place to buy cheap stock?
I want to earn money and i could work 7 days a week for a few hours on minimum wage but i think itd be a better use of my time to have a market stall, i could have it under an adults name and give them the money if needed.
Basically, rough estimate for a stall (they all look rather shabby tbh and i think theres a niche market to make a stall look a bit more expensive)
A good place to buy super cheap stock from
Pros + Cons etc

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