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Is There A Good Growth Fund To Invest In Privatized Prisons?

It seems the biggest activity in conservativeland is to put people in jail, so I imagine since we have the worlds largest prison population, this niche industry can only grow now that states are privatizing more of their prisons. And since the best thing conservatives like to do is cause economic upheaval with their laissez fare crony corporatism, the prison population is bound to explode. Is incarceration the new US growth industry?

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How Can I Get More Youtube Views, Twitter Followers, Or Facebook Likes?

If your asking yourself this same question you need to check out www.SmartTweeps.com – we are an automated management company that will take over your Twitter account and add thousands of followers targeted only to your niche industry, location, or special interest. Everything is safe and ran through Paypal.com. Visit www.SmartTweeps.com to check it out, 30 day money-back guarantee. With these followers on your twitter account, we will then link them DAILY with links of your choice (youtube videos, soundcloud mixes or tracks, websites for advertisement, or even facebook pages, any link of your choice). It’s organic marketing at its finest and will allow you to advertise your online website, or expose yourself to people and professionals in your are of industry! If you have questions email us info@smarttweeps.com

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Is Backlink Quality Important?

It has not been a while since I started by business, and I am in a very niche industry so I have <5 competitors in my region. One of my competitors has somewhere between 3,000-4,000 backlinks. I know that because I googled: linkto:http://www.website.com
and this particular company is always on the top 3 search result on many keywords I search for.
I am gradually building my backlinks (around 400 now) using directory listings, press releases, technology articles, youtube.. and many other legitimate sources.
another competitor of mine doesnt even show on the google search results, but if I go to linkto:http://www.theirwebsite.com I get almost 1.2 million hits. My theory is, they used one of these backlink building services which created a lot of back-links but made them loose credibility with google.. is this in any way true? are those back-link building websites harmful?
Any other advise you can give?

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Why Do I Hate Sixth Form So Much?

It’s silly how much I hate my sixth form. It’s at the same school I’ve been at for the last 5 years, which doesnt help because it’s mostly full of people I dont like and couldnt trust as far as I could throw. Im not sure if it’s the atmosphere that “I dont actually HAVE to be here”, that is making me so unmotivated and depressed that I actually am there.
So, some backstory. I’ve taken Maths, Physics, Economics and Modern History as my courses. I got straight As in my GCSEs, with one A* in History. I would like to go on and study history further, and hopefully take it up as a career, but from what I can gather it is very much a niche industry with few career opportunities. My parents basically demanded that I took either maths or english as an A-Level, which I suppose is fair enough as my only priorities where economics and history at the time of choosing. I hated them both but didnt find maths too difficult so I went with maths, thinking that such a subject would give me a good spread and open up more options. Oh, was I sorely mistaken. It’s the most ridiculously difficult thing I’ve ever attempted. As I said I hate maths anyway, so couple that with the fact that I have absolutely no desire whatsoever to use all these stupid equations and theorems at any single point beyond my A-levels means I literally cannot be arsed with it 1% of the time. The lessons just pass me by and go way over my head, I furiously scribble down formulae that are totally meaningless to me. I have a modular exam after the holidays, the thought of having to teach myself the whole thing through christmas makes me want to give up. I dont know why I never asked for help, maybe I thought it’d click eventually like everything at school has throughout my life, maybe it was because i was too damn embarassed to come clean and admit that I cannot understand the first thing about AS mathematics.
On to physics, well, I decided I should probably choose a science, for no other reason that it will look good on my CV. In both phsyics and biology I was only a few points off an A* so it was a tossup between the two, although I went with physics because I thought it’d accompany maths well. Again, BIG mistake. It’s just a million more equations that you have to memorise, and again, I have no desire to use these things ever again.
Economics and history are OK. But right now, halfway through my first year of college/6th form, I just feel like the next year and a half will be the hardest and most depressing of my life…But then, after that…UNIVERSITY. YIPPEE, more work, but guess what? DEBT. YAY. Dont get me started on what I imagine i’ll be doing for the following 40 years of my life, I just have no clue whatsoever, the outside world is just one huge scary monster I want to hide away from. I want no part of it. I’m not good enough at maths or physics to get a wellpaid job in science, I’d imagine that even if you’re good at economics (one of the best in my class) you’d need a good maths grade to get a job related to it, and history has few career opportunities. My parents (mother in particular) are really putting pressure on me to do anything other than history for this reason. I suspect they are simply protecting me from a bleak future of unreliable employment.
Anywaaay, like I said socially I have the appeal of a bumblebee to most people, and now my grades are failing. I just have no idea what to do. If I hear the words “work harder” again I think I’ll lose the will to live. I just dont know who to talk to and so I cry for help on the internet.

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I Need Data On The Global It Consulting Industry- Market Size, Issues And Challenges Etc.?

I need statistics on market size, growth potential specifically related to IT consulting industry worldwide. Where can I find the data online. What should be my approach towards searching on the internet. This is a niche industry and I am not able to find the required information.

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