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A United States Marine Was Kidnapped By Los Zetas Drug Cartels In Mexico, What Are Your Thought On This?

im asking everyone but if your in the military or law enforcement please let me know i am especially interested in your opinion. i live less than 4 miles from the mexican american border and see first hand how powerful and dangerous these guys can be, the violence from these cowards has hit close to home on different occasions, and due to the bad choices of a night club owner i used to work for (i was a bus boy) i’ve even come face to face with them (i was close enough to kill but my moral side held me back) i wont say why i hate these guys so much but if you do some research you”ll probably hate them to. they’ve decapitated raped and have forced people to watch there loved ones die in gruesome ways. there was even one story where they forced a 13 year old kid not even affiliated with the cartel to decapitate 2 other kidnapped prisoners… i have my own personal reasons for despising these animals but i will try not to let that influence the rest of my life. um anyway i saw this story and wondered if it would put pressure on the us government to try and help out our local law enforcement (which i dont know how much to trust because there have been some local stories popping out about how two of our county sheriffs and 9 Federal I.C.E. agents were found to be helping the cartels) we already have some fedral agencies helping us but we need way more funding and we need more border patrol guys. its basically civil war happening just a few miles down the road, we could even hear gun shots from a battle happening between the cartel and mexican army at our university (which is pretty close to the river that divides usa and mexico) the chpppers are up every night sometimes so close to the ground my house vibrates, once or twice a week our cops manage to find a truck load of drugs and they chase these guys but all they have to do is drive back to the river where boats are already wating for them with platoon sized groups armed with military grade weapons and the cops kinda just fall back once the bad guys back up shows up, they then simply load the trucks drugs onto the boats and end of story the bad guys keeps their drugs and they get away. ok i realize im strayying from the subject but i just wanted some feed back from americas law enforcment and military on our situation. i truly hope this marine makes it home but most of the people taken by these guys dont. and i dont know if it matters or not but yes i am a hispanic american but im not those proud to be mexican types with baggy pants im a pretty normal american and i love this land.

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We Take A Species That Is Previously Only Known From Mexico, And Introduce It Into Minnesota.?

It survives and successfully reproduces in Minnesota. This demonstrates that the species’ niche is narrower than we thought.
False XX
I think its false, but the narrow is throwing me off for some reason.

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Is It Weird That I’m Racist Against My Own Race?

I’m obviously confused. I am Mexican, and I hate Mexican people, lol. I am in fact of Spanish decent. But the people affiliated with my family, I don’t think are. How weird is this?
I think Mexicans are incompetent and should go back to their own country and fix it themselves. I think they are uneducated cowards for coming here. Coming here for productivity is one thing, but coming here because you can’t find any lawn mowing jobs in Mexico is sad. They need to try getting an education for once, I’m pretty sure people in Mexico remain with the intelligence of a 4th grader.

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Which 3 Companies In The Us Are Offering The Best Niche Marketing Lists?

Am seeking a reasonably priced list of English-speaking prospects in the US, Canada, the UK, Netherlands, Australia, US territories, Germany, Puerto Rico and Mexico. All centered around the Health and Wellness industry(US).

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Why Did She Do It?????????????????????

I need advice on how to ask my best friend why she lost her virginity. Shes 17 and shes dating the most annoying, effin douche bag on the planet. All of her friends know this. Her parents HATE him. I mean doesnt that tell her something?? Anyway she got caught having sex she was keeping it a secret from everyone and became this 2 face lying ***** i must say. So she finally told everyone when she got caught and couldnt keep it a secret anymore. I honestly dont care that she did it I just wana know why she did it with him. Ugh i HATE him. He lies sooooo much hes the biggest liar in the world. He changed her as you can see. So anyway why do you think she did it?? Hes not romantic he tries to be but its all a lie. One time he bought her a necklace and said he went to Mexico and got it for her. Hes so stupid she went with him to the flea market when he got it and waited like 2 months to give it to her. So another thing im worried about is that she said she doesnt remember their “first time”. She blacks out but only when shes drunk so I dont understand why she would black out. I remember when she told me she said that he forced her now she denies it of course. After their first time he always snuck in just to have sex with her. Not to be romantic no just to screw her. He never brought protection and shes so stupid she agreed to still have sex. Shes not pregnant she took test and went to the doctor thank god. Last weekend she said they snuck to his house and they had sex. After being sooo lucky she did it. Like really! I would wait for months before doing it. It just pisses me off. Oh and to top it off the started doing it after 2WEEKS of dating. Ugh so i guess im asking what should i do?? Am i just angry?? Like i said i dont care that she did it. I’ve done it. Just why with him?? Or why is she still with him when she knows all of this stuff she admitted it to me. Is there something im missing?? I’ve seen him hit on other girls too! And he got kicked out of his church because there was a rumor about him saying that he was sleeping around with a girl. Now i wouldnt doubt it. He told her no and me no but honestly everything he says is a lie. So you dont know what to believe. Please help me. And sorry for it being so long.

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Can Items On Mercado Libre Be Purchased In The Us?

I want to buy some watches on this site but can’t seem to be able to make a purchase. It is a site affiliated with ebay but most of the sellers are from Mexico.

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