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A United States Marine Was Kidnapped By Los Zetas Drug Cartels In Mexico, What Are Your Thought On This?

im asking everyone but if your in the military or law enforcement please let me know i am especially interested in your opinion. i live less than 4 miles from the mexican american border and see first hand how powerful and dangerous these guys can be, the violence from these cowards has hit close to home on different occasions, and due to the bad choices of a night club owner i used to work for (i was a bus boy) i’ve even come face to face with them (i was close enough to kill but my moral side held me back) i wont say why i hate these guys so much but if you do some research you”ll probably hate them to. they’ve decapitated raped and have forced people to watch there loved ones die in gruesome ways. there was even one story where they forced a 13 year old kid not even affiliated with the cartel to decapitate 2 other kidnapped prisoners… i have my own personal reasons for despising these animals but i will try not to let that influence the rest of my life. um anyway i saw this story and wondered if it would put pressure on the us government to try and help out our local law enforcement (which i dont know how much to trust because there have been some local stories popping out about how two of our county sheriffs and 9 Federal I.C.E. agents were found to be helping the cartels) we already have some fedral agencies helping us but we need way more funding and we need more border patrol guys. its basically civil war happening just a few miles down the road, we could even hear gun shots from a battle happening between the cartel and mexican army at our university (which is pretty close to the river that divides usa and mexico) the chpppers are up every night sometimes so close to the ground my house vibrates, once or twice a week our cops manage to find a truck load of drugs and they chase these guys but all they have to do is drive back to the river where boats are already wating for them with platoon sized groups armed with military grade weapons and the cops kinda just fall back once the bad guys back up shows up, they then simply load the trucks drugs onto the boats and end of story the bad guys keeps their drugs and they get away. ok i realize im strayying from the subject but i just wanted some feed back from americas law enforcment and military on our situation. i truly hope this marine makes it home but most of the people taken by these guys dont. and i dont know if it matters or not but yes i am a hispanic american but im not those proud to be mexican types with baggy pants im a pretty normal american and i love this land.

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With Mexico Being A Humane Country How Did This Happen Ex-u.s. Marine: Chained To Bed In Mexican Jail?

The issue of the shotgun came up near the border.
“I told him that we probably shouldn’t take the shotgun with us,” McDonough said. “And he said, ‘No, I’m going to get it cleared with customs at the gate.’ So I said, ‘That’s fine. As long as it’s legit.’ ”
The Customs and Border Protection agent said it was all right to take the shotgun, McDonough said, adding that the agent told them: “ ‘All you have to do is register it.’ So they gave us a piece of paper and said, ‘This is your registration. You’ve got to pay this much.’ They gave us the piece of paper to give to the Mexican authorities.”
As soon as the Winnebago lumbered over the bridge and they handed over the form to Mexican agents, trouble began. The two spent several days in custody, separated from each other. Mexican authorities eventually freed McDonough, perhaps because of his Argentine residency, and he walked back to Brownsville.
On Aug. 18, Mexican prosecutors leveled serious charges against Hammar. Curiously, it wasn’t the type of shotgun that broke Mexican law. It was the length of the barrel, which the formal citation said was shorter than 25 inches, although a discrepancy has emerged over how the barrel was measured.
“It’s a glorified BB gun,” Olivia Hammar said.
Indeed, Mexico’s criminal groups routinely wield AK-47 and AR-15 assault rifles, high-powered .50-caliber sniper rifles, rocket-propelled grenades and other potent weaponry. If Hammar had any intention of causing mayhem, using his great-grandfather’s proud firearm would have been like Daniel Boone and his muzzle-loading Tick-Licker fighting a modern U.S. Marine.
Back in April, the Dallas truck driver, Jabin Bogan, carrying 25,000 pounds of ammunition in his 18-wheeler, said he got lost in El Paso en route to a delivery in Phoenix. When he lurched to a stop at the Mexican border, asking to turn around, a Customs and Border Protection agent told him it was impossible. He was told to enter Mexico and make a U-turn. He had no passport and couldn’t speak Spanish.
The ammunition was openly displayed on nine pallets in the truck, most of it of a caliber unsuitable for the AK-47 and AR-15 rifles favored by Mexico’s cartels.
Mexican prosecutors charged him with crimes that could have brought more than 25 years in prison.
“My son was not trying to deliver no drugs or no guns to nobody,” Bogan’s mother, Aletha Smith, told an ABC-TV affiliate in Texas.
Through pressure from members of the U.S. Congress, Bogan was freed Nov. 23, and he returned to a tearful reunion in Dallas with his family.
While his ordeal was difficult, Hammar’s has been worse.
Once Hammar was sent to a state prison in Matamoros, mixed in with the general inmate population, late-night phone calls began to his parents in Palmetto Bay, Fla.
“They said, ‘I have your son. We need money.’ I said, ‘I’m going to call the (U.S.) consulate.’ They said, ‘The consulate can’t help you.’ Then they put him on the phone. http://www.mcclatchydc.com/2012/12/06/176603/latest-hell-for-ex-us-marine-chained.html#storylink=cpy?storylink=addthis

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Tricky Question About Nrotc 10 Pts!!!?

Okay, so I was planning on enlisting in the Navy but when I went to MEPS they DQ’d me for high blood pressure but I was just excited. My question: I am qualified academically for the NROTC(I was leaning more toward the Marine program) program and AM accepted to one of their affiliated colleges. Do I have to wait a certain amount of time to redo MEPS for the NROTC program or can I just start my application immediately? I’m almost positive that my blood pressure won’t be an issue since I know what’s going to go on at MEPS. It sucks because I was kinda screwed over at MEPS; I had a person on their first day on the job and he put the cuff REALLY tight… :/

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Nrotc Officer Marine Corps Comissioning Program?

im currently a freshman at pitt state college. im looking to transfer to a university next year that has the NROTC and apply for scholarship. ive talked to a non affiliated-nrotc officer who is an OSO. he asked me a ton of questions. through all these questions i ended up qualifying, except for 1 problem: my backround record. i disclosed to him that 4-5 months ago (when i was a juvenile-17) i was charged with domestic battery. my mother and i had ended up getting into a small fight. he said that i would have qualified but since the battery was involved with a WOMAN, that it was a whole different story and that i had become disqualified.
my question is, is this a true proper disqualification? and if it is, would the nrotc recruiter disqualify me as well?

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Modern/future Marine Corps (10 Points)?

The Marine Corps mission statement is to provide the US with amphibious expeditionary warfare. The issue I see with that is in modern times this mission statement has become obsolete.
Amphibious operations will always be needed, but forcible entry by storming beaches doesn’t work like it did in WWII, long range missiles can counter an entire beach assault with the push of a button. Since we no longer storm beaches, that takes a huge chunk of the Marine Corps mission away. Amphibious invasions today mean bombing the shore and moving forces on shore or inserting through helicopter from a MEU, neither of those require a Marine Corps as bombings can be handled by the Air Force and Navy and helicopter insertions require helicopters (Army, Navy, and Air Force) and infantry (Army).
The Marine Corps is still an expeditionary force in readiness. There are MEUs afloat as we speak that can “park” anywhere in the world ready to conduct combat operations and handle limited scale warfare within 18 hours. The issue here is that MEUs are never called upon to be used as a “first to fight” tool for the US. Special operations forces are always first to fight, Army Airborne units and specialized units such as the 10th Mountain are either second or invade along side the Marine Corps. If something went down in North Korea right now expect to hear special operations forces and Army Airborne units were first to assault, followed by a MEU.
I understand the Marine Corps isn’t supposed to fill a direct niche, to break it down the Army handles land warfare, the Navy handles maritime warfare, and the Air Force handles air superiority, I know there pretty much isn’t anything else to fill. But historically the Marines have filled an important role, we have always needed a force in readiness and the ability of forcible entry, especially from sea. But that role is no longer valid as there are plenty of other and better forces in readiness (special operations/Airborne) and forcible entry doesn’t really exist in modern warfare, especially from sea. To top it off when it comes to straight Army vs Marine infantry you can throw out propaganda but statistics show the Army is better.
So what is the modern/future purpose of the Marine Corps? Am I missing something? Do you think the role the Marine Corps plays is nearly as important as other branches, or are they reverting back to their pre-WWII days where they were “those other military guys” like when they were guarding ships. This question certainly isn’t intended to bash on the Marines, just get a better understanding of their role in modern times and how necessary they are in todays conflicts.
Thanks in advance.

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Desired College Degree For Marine Corps Officer?

I am starting college this fall and i will be double majoring in criminal justice and psychology. I am hoping to get into law enforcement, starting with a local police department and then hopefully working my way up to federal law enforcement. With that said, it’s not exactly a secret that law enforcement jobs are becoming harder and harder to get so i am keeping my options open. I just want to know what majors are desired by the USMC for someone seeking a commission as an officer. If the job market for law enforcement doesn’t improve in the next year or two, I am going to consider changing my path and trying to earn a commission into the Marines. Any help or advice anybody can give is greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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