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Referral / Affiliate Link Tracking?

I need to track some incoming traffic / links to my site.
I can do it with my current web analytics provider but I have to sort through the statistics myself.
I want to be able to track upto a few thousand referral links eg. www.example.com/?ref=referrer
I want to have them all sorted so that I can just look at how many visitors I recieved from that referral link and how many of those hits were unique etc. etc.
I would also prefer if this is emedable (<— is that even a word)
Like I said before this can be done with many different tracking sites but many of them show the entire incoming traffic for a specific link and I have to sort through each referral link myself.
I need it to be able to track 1000+++ different referral links to 10+ pages recieving 50000+ hits per month.
I need this strictly for time saving.
I hope this is enough information.

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Anyone Buying From Mycomicshop.com Look At This?

if you are buying from mycomicshop.com can you please use my affiliate link as it will give me credit towards the shop and allow me to get free comics off them. if you use this it would be a great help to start my comic book collection and i would appreciate it very much
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The Perfect Girl (guys)?!?!?

So here’s a girl.
She’s outgoing, enthusiastic and sociable.
She’s bubbly and cute.
She’s funny, makes the whole room laugh.
She’s beautiful inside out.
She’s so sweet, so nice and polite and smiley.
She’s a postive person.
She’s friendly, makes people around her feel comfortable and at ease.
She’s 5″4 and is 60kg, curvy girl.
She’s smart.
She’s in medical school.
She cooks very well, her food is to die for, amazing
Would you ask this girl out? Or would you be afraid to?
P.S. This girl has NEVER been asked out before. Ever. She has known guys liked her in secret, but no guy has ever come up to her and asked.
Why do you think this is so? I have no clue. My best friend. <3 But don't all guys want this kind of girl, and moan and complain about how girls are so slutty and stuff when there's a girl like THIS on the market and has NO takers???
Also, I forgot to add! She doesn't drink or smoke !! She's religious as well., but she's open-minded in the sense that she does party. AND also she's a dancer and a singer as well. Yea, I know, all-rounded.

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How Many July 2011 Copies Of Glamour Magazine Were Sold Last Year?

I’m doing a big essay for media studies and I think this information would look really impressive in it, but I can’t find the answer anywhere online or in the magazines, does anyone have any ideas???
Orrrr does anyone know any interesing facts/ quotes I can mention in my essay, it is a critical investigation and the whole question is ”How has the branding of lifestyle magazine institutions become more niche driven and how have they shifted their content to meet the needs of a more interactive audience?” Thaaaanks 🙂 <3

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Is There A Danish Symbol For Strength?

i want a tatto and im danish so i was wondering if there is a danish symbol for inner strength. if not is there a non religious affiliated inner strength symbol?! <– if thats the option can you tell me the source of the symbol.
Thanks in advanced

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Weird Brain Sensation ( Please Answer)?

When I was about 14 year or so I started trying some weird stuff involving human brain and such, So i started meditating as my little experience into what would satisfy my curiosity.
I don’t know if it’s normal…
But I started having weird brain sensations after meditating since then; like I could actually FEEL my brain working, every degree of my thought is being worked in my brain. It’s like feeling your muscles as you stretch, and lift ( I wouldn’t know cuz i have no muscles… okay you know what i mean ).
For example: If I were to go to school and started learning math, my brain would shift the movement of sensation to it’s left top side, or if I’m in english/art/ even typing right now the sensation would move again ( I’m more affiliated to my right than left. ) into its right side. The sensation I have is almost impossible to describe, i don’t even know if their is a name for it, except it feels like the inside and outside of your brain is moving and opening/closing up. Sometimes the sensation is very strong, and sometime it just flow around in my brain, oddly enough, I can control where this sensation is moving.
Also, this feeling doesn’t entail any health, mental, sleeping issues. If it’s there to annoy me than It had done well, and I had got over it.
The only thing I would say that might had change is that I got worst in math, but got better in english?!?!?! <<< I need an answer for this.
Also, I started reacting things that I use to simply ignor when i was little, say for example a bird just flew over your head, normally people wouldn't even know it's there, but oh no, not me, I just reacted like a deer would react to a branch snap. This goes the same fo hearing.
If some of you are thinking " Holy **** THIS has got to be a troll " or " This guy must be lying " I would seriously say no, i am very serious in this case. I am 17 now and I had to deal with this for many years, and i would like answers to this.
I tried asking my friends if they have this feeling or just a natural process of me stepping into adulthood, but they answered that they never had this feeling. So I went to health forums and post my problem, and no answer, or just people doesn't take me seriously.
Plus, my reaction is scaring some of the ladie in my school, they think I'm really scary, but actually I didn't want to look at them in any lew way, the only reason I was just turning my head real quick to the right is because they usually suddenly started talking, moving their pen, flipping pages, and even walking in the hall. My god, Srsly, I hear words in school saying I'm the creepy guy looking at girls. FFS Please someone Help me answer this.
I don't take drugs.
I haven't had alchohol for almost half a year now ( taste bad)
I sleep like everybody else does.
I don't take drugs.
I haven't had alchohol for almost half a year now ( taste bad)
I sleep like everybody else does.
My frontal lobe Is very acitive. Like something in the middle core just started widening or getting bigger.
The sensation is usually in the frontal lobe region, the left side isn't so strong in sensation, but the right and center side is.
This sensation usually travels upwards to those regions i think from my temporal lobe
The back of my brain doesn't hardly experience in these feelings.
Many times before, It feels as if I have a pulse like feeling from my brain.

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