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What Are The Best Affiliate Programs?

Given below is a list of questions that you need to ask those web masters, who offer the best affiliate programs.
(1) Quite a few affiliate programmes do not charge anything for registration. When you find them, check out their reputation. Are they well known? Then, you can consider incorporating some of them into your website.
(2) There are two kinds of programs—one tier and two tier. The one tier program is limited to payments for any sales that have been generated by you. The two tier program expands to sales that you have made, plus a commission on sales that have been generated by affiliates whom you have invited to join your programme.
(3) There has to be a tracking system in place to permit you to check out your referrals. Additionally, you need to know the length of time that they are allowed to remain on the system. If you do not do this, you may lose your referrals and your sales.
(4) You should sell only those products or services that come from a legitimate company. So, check out your online retailer. Familiarise yourself with their services or products, their sales graph, and so on.
(5) Every text link or banner gets clicked on several times per day. We refer to these clicks as hits. Find out how many hits on an average result in a sale. Such statistics are referred to as hit per sale ratio.
(7) Different affiliate programmes have different commissions, but generally, the amount varies between 5% and 20%. Every hit earns you an amount between 0.01% and 0.05%.
(8) Your affiliate program cannot be a very dependable one, if it is hiding detailed statistics from you. This data should be available round the clock.
(9) Finally, ask the affiliate company when you will receive your commission cheques. While some pay monthly, others pay quarterly. Anyway, go in for the one that suits you best.
(10) Now-a-days, the best affiliate programs have put a new rule in place. You will have to achieve a certain minimum target set aside for sales.

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I Think My Computer Has Been Hacked?

I recently applied for a job and received a call back via email since the email my computer has been acting pretty strange for instant it runs slow and before it didn’t. The person said he/she was affiliated with Flextronics and I looked into it and it was a legitimate company with offices around the world. So the “hiring manager” said it was a work from home job. I’ve never done a work at home job before so I couldn’t tell you what to look for and what not to look for. I called the local company but never received a call back. Since communicating with the hiring manager my computer has been acting strange and recently I received a pop up on my screen detecting a virus with a countdown attached it scared the heck out of me. I did a virus scan on the computer and it didn’t detect anything im afraid because i think its an undetectable virus. Also they have my address and telephone number through my resume. Also i’ve been receiving strange calls on my cell from an 8888 number a 000-000-000 number and an unavaliable call several times since applying. If someone out there knows about this please help me. Thanks
Oh and the “hiring manager” goes under Rechard Dearman or Richard Dearman and Flora Houston

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Richfox Media, What’s Really Going On?

After canceling the 3 accounts requested by RichFox Media and having discussions with customer service reps, in my opinion yes, RichFox Media is a legitimate company. They do exist and are doing business. Not for “hiring,” but for using Intuit Web Service, eFax service and iVoice’s service to get “customers” or as stated in their Craig’s List posts “Interns” with a promise of $20 an hour, to “sign up” for the respective companies free trial services. They also require prof of signing up by requesting your login in information which is to be setup though a specific links supplied by RICHFOX MEDIA to “track” one’s progress which makes me believe their is more going one then a possible “intern” opportunity.
Beware. I believe this is nothing more then RFM funneling people though an affiliate marketing campaign/program disguised as an “internship program” that is being touted as a “marketing company in disguise”. Totally true and quite genius as they are saying upfront and in plane english as to what they really are. Do they have the 3 prospective entities in development what they say they do on their website (http://www.richfoxmedia.com/)? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, if I were you I wouldn’t, no matter how desperate you are for a job, sign up with RichFox Media and potentially help get them paid though affiliate marketing.

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