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Richfox Media, What’s Really Going On?

After canceling the 3 accounts requested by RichFox Media and having discussions with customer service reps, in my opinion yes, RichFox Media is a legitimate company. They do exist and are doing business. Not for “hiring,” but for using Intuit Web Service, eFax service and iVoice’s service to get “customers” or as stated in their Craig’s List posts “Interns” with a promise of $20 an hour, to “sign up” for the respective companies free trial services. They also require prof of signing up by requesting your login in information which is to be setup though a specific links supplied by RICHFOX MEDIA to “track” one’s progress which makes me believe their is more going one then a possible “intern” opportunity.
Beware. I believe this is nothing more then RFM funneling people though an affiliate marketing campaign/program disguised as an “internship program” that is being touted as a “marketing company in disguise”. Totally true and quite genius as they are saying upfront and in plane english as to what they really are. Do they have the 3 prospective entities in development what they say they do on their website (http://www.richfoxmedia.com/)? Who knows. But one thing is for sure, if I were you I wouldn’t, no matter how desperate you are for a job, sign up with RichFox Media and potentially help get them paid though affiliate marketing.

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