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Why Is It Necessary For Businesses To Be Flexible In A Niche Market?

Business studies question.

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I Need An Niche Market Idea!!!!?

i need and idea for my business studies speech
and i don’t know what to do it on
not to girly but also not to boyish plz
thx <3

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Business Studies Help Please?

Sudhir Yadav lives in a city in country Z. The city has a big Indian population. When Sudhir was looking for a business oppurtunity he identified a niche market in selling saris and similar clothes to Indian ladies. He imports the clothes from country X and sells them to retailers in his city.
Sudhirs business is that of a wholesaler. Why do you think that retailers in country Z don’t buy their clothes directly from the suppliers?
If the currency of country Z appreciated in value how would this affect the profitability of Sudhir’s business? Explain your answer.

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