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Why Do I Always Think About Suicide?

I know life is hard. I also know that people have it harder than me but I just can’t shake the feeling of ‘the world would be better without me’. Its cliche but I feel like everyone hates me. I’ve not had a long life (15) but inside of me I just feel like everything I am is a mistake. I constanly feel empty on the inside and I’m always trying to fil this ‘void’. I’m just tired of everything. All the drama.

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Help With Accessorizing?

Hello everyone. Now I’ve decided that I’m definitely wearing this dress to my boyfriend’s graduation:…
I need help with accessorizing it though. I’d like to wear a blazer, but I don’t know what cut or color. I also don’t know what type of shoes I should wear. If anyone could give me links to a cute blazer, shoes, and jewelry to go with this dress it would be greatly appreciated.

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Please Help Me With This Sentence?

Tryst: an appointment, as by lovers; to meet. In Scotland the word refers to a market, but the Old French triste (hunting rendezvous) suggests that the Gallic hunters were not always after wild game.
a. The trysting place at the college remained a guarded secret among the fraternity members.
b. Martha came home very late from the tryst, bleary-eyed but happy.
Source: 601 Words you need to know, Fourth Edition
by Murray Bromberg and Julius Liebb, Printed in
the US (New York), unit1, lesson 9 (Time on Our Hands), page 41.
What does this (Gallic hunters were not always after wild game) mean in the text I have posted?
I can’t understand it especially (after wild game) makes no sense to me.
Would you please clarify it to me?
Thank you.

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What Does It Mean When A Aaa Team Is Under Contract To Its Mlb Affiliate?

Someone said that the Memphis Redbirds are under contract to the St Louis Cardinals.
What does this mean? Do the Cardinals own the Redbirds

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Help Me Guys No Rank !?

Hello , My name is Monica i am blogger since 1 year and i specially use wordpress with premium themes (diythemes),but i have bought before 1 week ago a plugin which is called (SEOPressor) that plugin about Onpage-SEO and it told you optimization putting your keyword into internal links text and external links text and into the heading also so i am really confused because if i want to increase the keyword density for more than .5% and the page score also i must then add more than one heading H1 and H2 and add alot of the same keywords in body content and i have read it is harmful for my site (keyword stuffing) ?!,otherwise i want to optimize my sites getting the top in google , i already done a keyword research for all my sites and i have optimized the OnPage-SEO for the content ,and i really dont know why my sites wont ranks any more ?!,although google webmaster told me that there is no manual spam action with your sites ! . What can I do !?. I have bought 25 a niche sites for one target keyword for every site since 10 months ago and until now i just got 1 site in the top of google , I have assigned all my time on that work to making the OnPage-SEO and to make also the sites goes well, I really dont know what is going on, after reading for more than 10 hours per day for all the past 5 months .In my humble experience and the enormous amount of information about SEO I am professional but in reality i failed ! :'( and maybe i will lose hope about internet marketing if you dont Direct me ! please check my sites and and answer my questions ! This would be a kinder from you and I won’t forget your favor!
Thanks you
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The Nsa Is … Ready To Unleash Hell…?

I thought this was a great article by Wired mag.…
Any comments on it?
You can get the general idea from the first few paragraphs.

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