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Help Me!!! Gay Guy In Unecessary Drama!!!?

Would you tell your friend if you caught her boyfriend at the club?
I am feeling a little frustrated right now… I went to a straight club, I’m gay by the way, and saw my friend’s boyfriend there without her. I call her up just to see if she was there too she said no that she is at home in bed. I tell her that her boyfriend is at the Crosby’s and she is like WTH!! she said she would call me back. She calls me back and is like it’s ok he is not there he is somewhere else, meaning he straight out lied to her. The boyfriend sees me and another of our mutual friends and walks out. I took a snapshot of him outside with 2 girls and sent it to her. She tells me thank you for being a friend and minutes later the boyfriend calls me and starts cussing at me and tells me he is coming back to kick my ***. He comes back and gets kicked out of the club for trying to start a fight, but I was there celebrating my friend’s new job so I tried not to cause a rukus. He texts me with “I’ll catch you slippin.” He is affiliated with gangs and he tells me every time he is going to get me back. My friends who aren’t really my friends I guess tells me that I am causing drama. The ex friend tells me that because of me, my friend is crying and I tell him I am not the reason why she is crying, the lying boyfriend is the reason why she is crying. This is what the boyfriend last text me… I just took out names… “the most logical thing to do would be to confront me and ask me whats going on. you decided to be a drama starter and rat me out and EVEN snap a picture. who da **** does that?!? if you were put in my situation, ud b furious too. i was considering dropping it because you are so and so friend. but for u to deliberately continue to run your mouth added fuel to the fire. u have my word u better pray we dont ever cross paths. i dont care how many people are with u. i even told so and so that if u were to apologize to me, i drop it for her…” What would you do in this situation? What annoyed me is obviously she is with him and I feel that she didn’t defend me or maybe she is completely on his side… bleh to me Id be more hurt if my bf was somewhere without my knowledge and my friend saw him and didn’t even tell me… but i guess everyone is different… Just this morning he keeps texting me with he is going to get me back for being a snitch and last thing I respond to him is… the lies got you where you are at today, not me so stop blaming me for your faults and if you keep texting me with threats I will go to the cops because it’s harrassment…

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  1. Jack d says:

    Look, Not putting you down, You did the right thing by telling his girlfriend, but if iv learned anything in life, its don’t stick nose where its not wanted, because ultimately the one who gets in **** is you…
    And past the bit of the sending the picture to his gf makes no sense..

  2. dfhrfh says:

    It wasn’t any of your business, so you shouldn’t have gotten involved in the first place.
    He said he’d drop it if you apologize, so just apologize. If that doesn’t stop him, then go to the police.

  3. Jon says:

    You did the right thing. You are a good friend. Try not to worry about the guy, and if you feel worried enough then call the police and file a report about his threats.

  4. jaggerde says:

    I think you made a boo boo. You may have had the right intention by telling your friend, but really it got you nowhere. She really didn’t appreciate you for what you did. You would have been far better off ignoring the situation, and let her find out for herself. You may think that I am wrong here, but you overstepped the mark and it may have cost you in the long run. You will be friends with neither of them. I am not going to tell you to go back and apologize that would be better coming from yourself. What you need to do is get in touch with the girl and find out what way the land really lies, is she still with him or not. If not and he is still gunning for you, then you have a problem as he will not let this go. The drama is over and this is a bit more serious. This guy is threatening with menaces, and will not stop until he gets his pound of flesh. My best advice to you is to tread softly and be careful, surround yourself with your friends, always have somebody with you just in case you run into this guy. He may eventually calm down, but I wouldn’t be holding my breath.


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