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Help With Writing My Speech?

Here is what I have so far. I need to get it to four minutes and its at like 2:40
Help with adding stuff would be much appreciated
Rosa Parks once said “No”. While that one simple syllable doesn’t seem like much out of context, her response to being told to move to the back of the bus because of her color caught the attention of the entire country. Nowadays, people rarely stand up for themselves due to fear of confrontation or earning the disapproval of their peers. People don’t realize how crucial it is as a society that we not only fight for ourselves, but fight for what is right. Rosa Parks inspiring act of standing up for what she believed in, regardless of what the consequences were shows just how critical defending our beliefs is. First, I will share Rosa Park’s story so that we can go on to reflect the importance of standing up for oneself and lastly I will talk about the consequences of not fighting for what’s right.
On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was ordered by a bus driver to give up her seat to a white passenger. She refused. While she didn’t know it at the time, her courageous act of standing up for herself , became one of the most important symbols of the modern Civil Rights Movement. That one simple word caused her to become an international icon for the resistance of racial segregation and led her to be affiliated with iconic people such as Martin Luther King Jr. When looking back at all her success and huge role in the Civil Rights Movement, it all started when she first stood up for herself back on that bus. She knew that refusing to give up her seat would inevitably lead to being sent to prison, but by sticking up for herself, she helped start a revolution.
While fighting for what you believe in may not have the same monumental effect it did for Rosa Parks, the message behind it stays the same. That you will not back down easily just to avoid confrontation when you know something isn’t right. The importance of protecting your beliefs is a message that normally goes unheard in today’s world. We hear all the time about people such as Rosa Parks or Susan B. Anthony or even someone who sticks up to a bully but the truth is, in today’s world people like that are a rarity. People have been forgetting why we should stick up for ourselves in the first place. When you stand up for yourself, not only are you showing others how important respect and your morals are, but you are showing yourself as well.
The consequences of refusing to stand up for yourself may not always seem monumental enough to waste time over, but simply backing down every time you’re faced with confrontation can lead to a negative outlook on the way other perceive you.

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  1. Taylor says:

    That is a great speech! It’s really powerful and your introduction and conclusion were both perfect. However, to get your speech to 4 minutes, I would change the body a little bit. I would suggest adding more history about Rosa Parks. When was she born? How was her childhood life? Are there any stories of Park’s younger days that relate to the point you’re trying to get across? You could also lengthen the time easily by adding unnecessary yet equally valuable information about Rosa Parks. You could just give a background of her whole life. You said you would tell Rosa Park’s story, so you don’t even have to change any of your introduction. Just add her life story before her bus story. Not only will the audience be more informed about the woman you’re speaking of, but also they’ll leave knowing a little more than they came in to hear. Good luck on your speech! I hope I helped! 🙂


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