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Website Businesses To Start?

Quite simple
Just no ideas like “make a website that you are interested in or know the topic really well”.
Lastly no NICHE websites (really the same thing).
Please provide detailed information.

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What Are Some Middle Eastern Style Songs Written By Loreena Mckennitt?

Mystic Dream 1994 The Mask and Mirror
The Mummers’ Dance 1985 Elemental
Night Ride Across the Caucasus 1997 The Book of Secrets
Tango to Evora 1991 The Visit
Marco Polo 1997 The Book of Secrets
Dante’s Prayer 1997 The Book of Secrets
La Serenissima 1997 The Book of Secrets
The Old Ways 1991 The Visit
The Lady of Shalott 1991 The Visit
The Highwayman 1997 The Book of Secrets
God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen 1995 A Winter Garden: Five Songs for the Season
Santiago 1994 The Mask and Mirror
Caravanserai 2005 The Journey Begins
Marrakesh Night Market 1994 The Mask and Mirror

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Php Sessions. Need Some Help.?

Hello, I am writing a simple web site. I successfully made the register and log in pages, but now I want to allow only one session per username.
More detailed: When someone logs in a session starts.
If he tries to log in from somewhere else, I want the first session to drop before starting a new session.
How can I do that?
-I already thought of keeping the session ID in the database and change it when the user logs in from another computer. When he tries to go back to the first computer and clicks any link, it checks automatically if the session_id that it has is different compared to the one saved on the database. If it is, it automatically logs out. I could add timed sessions so if the user does not come back to his first computer it automatically closes the session etc.
Problem is that even if I do that, the server will be loaded with sessions that will never be used again until the sessions get timed out. Is there any way to close the session (lets say close a session by knowing its id)?
Any other ideas?

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Is This A Good Looking Jumper?
I’m 16 & I do like this jumper. But what are your thoughts on it?

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Fed Ex Interview Help?

Hi, I have a interview for FedEx and I need help answering the questions. I found some sample questions but before I say them I would like to talk about my previous experience so I can get help on how to respond through my previous experience. Im 20 years old, Full time college student where my school schedule can work around this part time opening, my last job was a Barbacking at a 5 star restaurant, I have 1 year + customer service skills and cash register skills. They said the position was a Sr. Service agent but from what I was told on the phone it was for a part time helper tue-sat 2-9. The sample questions I found were 1) Tell me about yourself 2) What do you know about FedEx 3) What can you do for FedEx? 4) why do you want to work for FedEx? 5) how would your past experiences translate into success in this job? 6) what can you do for FedEx the other candidates can’t 7) please tell some products /services of FedEx on the market 8) if you work for FedEx what are you doing 9) how would you say your creative person 10) tell me the latest FedEx
read. what are your thoughts on how impact FedEx. 11) if you are in a team involved in a secret FedEx project how would you refrain from telling your significant other friends family etc. 12) why do you want to work at FedEx 13) where do you see if FedEx’s products 14) where do you see yourself in three years 15) are you afraid of person tell her about a time when you thought out-of-the-box.16) give me an example how you deal with a crisis. I just need some practice answers.

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Does Anyone Knows Of Bank Note Affiliate Programs?

I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that buys non performing loans and bank notes and offers broker membership and pays $50,000 per deal when the deal is done?

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