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Do I Love God Too Much?

If I’m supposed to love God more than anyone, I don’t see the point of affiliating myself with anyone else. I don’t even talk to my parents. I just talk to God a lot. This is normal, right?

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Plagiarism Question Please Help?

i was considering writing a book on question is, is it considered plagiarism if i am using old concepts but putting my own spin on them based off personal experiences and things i have learned through books, tv, documentaries, movies and my own experiences? concepts like the power of thought, forgiveness,gratitude, meditation,healing, chakra systems and things of that is it really possible to cite these concepts, i really don’t know how far back they stem from but im assuming long before copyright laws afraid that someone may say im stealing there ideas because the self help/spirituality market is saturated with ideas like that yet these concepts have been around a long it plagiarism if i freely write about them though?and how can you truly cite spiritual concepts that nobody is really sure who own them?the book the secret for example is not a new concept and there are plenty of other authors who have written about the law of attraction since the secret has come can the secret author sue others for writing and teaching the concept of law of attraction even though she didn’t create the idea herself?how does this work?

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What Is A Niche? Help!?

I have no idea what it means! I looked it up but i don’t really understand it. So what does it mean? And if you happen to know what a moose’s niche is too that would be great! Thanks 🙂

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To Summarize The Paragraph In To 2 Or 3 Sentence?

Fanning incorporated Snocap two weeks after the Supreme Court forced Napster into bankruptcy in September 2002 for facilitating copyright infringement. (Roxio bought the Napster name, and Fanning is no longer affiliated with it.) The June Supreme Court decision holding companies liable for illegal file sharing by their users suddenly gave the recording industry more negotiating leverage with illegal file-sharing services. And with more listeners eager to find legal ways to download music, Snocap offers a viable alternative. Snocap’s challenge is to help music providers offer file swapping without the viruses prevalent on illegal sites, so customers would pay. Compared with online music stores, peer-to-peer services still attract the most users–by some accounts, 60 million people in the U.S. “That’s about the number who voted for George Bush!” said Sam Yagan, president of MetaMachine Inc., the company behind eDonkey, a free peer-to-peer site.

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Theists, What Created God Or Did It Evolve?

If God was created, why? If it evolved, what possible ecological niche did it evolve to fill?

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How To Revert Back To Windows 7 Home Premium From Windows 8 Pro?

I am about to buy Windows 8 Pro this weekend probably, and was wandering in-case I don’t like Windows 8 or have issues with it, if it is possible to revert back to windows 7. I do have a External Hard drive that is 2 Terabytes and has My System Image and Backup for all my computers, which i will probably redo before I upgrade to windows 8. Also wandering is there any TECHNICAL problems with windows 8? (Besides the way it looks and the confusing UI, I’m pretty good with computers so It won’t be confusing to me.)

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