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What Can I Take Pictures Of For Theses Biology Terms?

I need to take pictures of a list of bio terms and put in a powerpoint and explain how each picture fits the term. Heres the words i need help on:
Organism with Type III SUrvivorship Curve
Density dependent factor
Density independent factor
R Strategist species
Ecological Niche
Climax community
Keystone species
Biological magnification
climate change
interspecific competition
intraspecific competition
Pioneer species
food web

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Anyone Ever Tried For Traffic To Their Website?

Here is the link to the page that I am looking at
Normally, I never trust these sites as they are fraudulent clicks but this site is affiliated with
Do you have experience with
Would you trust using this site for traffic? I have noticed that they charge more for visitors than most of these sites charge. I also notice that they guarantee clicks instead of just the pop-unders that everyone ignores. Any idea if the clicks at 4.9 cents are real PPC ads?

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Can I Make Commission Sales By Linking People On My Facebook Fan Page To A Companies Site? Like With Banners?

Hey guys so you all know about banners, a company makes them and gets affiliates to place them on their sites then when someone from that site clicks on that banner and goes to the companies site any subsequent sale is credited to the advertisers site and he is given a commission.
My question is, is there any way to do this with Facebook?
For example if I simply put a link on my fan page to someone site and then a Facebook fan of mine clicks it and makes a purchase, will it be able to get traced back to me?
Not sure if Im asking this right but you should get the idea. I have offers to advertise on my fan page and will get a commission of any subsequent sales.
Could this work?
How do companies usually track this kind of thing?
Thanks for the help guys 🙂

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Cask Of Amontillado Questions!! Help Please?

1. Why did Montresor seek revenge on Fortunato?
2. How did Montresor know that the house would be empty?
3. Where had the stone and mortar, used by Montresor to wall up the entrance to the niche, been hidden?
4. Where and when is the story set? Give reasons for your answer.
5. Why does Montresor make sure Fortunato has drunk a lot of wine?
6. What is Luchresi’s role in the story?
7. What preparations had Montressor made for his revenge?
8. Why does Montresor appear concerned about Fortunato’s health?
9. How many injuries has the narrator ‘permitted’ from Fortunato?
10. Poe always liked to do things “at length”. The same is true with the narrator in this story. He knows of Fortunato’s weakness and uses it to his advantage. What is this weakness?
11. When the narrator first saw Fortunato at the carnival, what was his condition?
12. As soon as the narrator sees Fortunato, he tells him that he has received “a pipe for what passes for Amontillado, and I have my doubts”. Who does the narrator suggest that he is going to see to find out if the wine is genuine?
13. The narrator’s vaults were very damp due to the fact that they were encrusted with what?
14. What is the motto of the Montresor family? Translate it into English
15. As the two men were walking down into the vault, Montresor stated that the cask was in a cave at the end of the vault. Fortunato is still completely drunk. What does Montresor do to keep Fortunato in the cave of the vault?
16. How long has it been that no one has disturbed Fortunato’s bones?

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Wanna Find A Website Design Company To Get Cheap Website Design?

I am going to set up a website in affiliate niche. Who tell me how I can find a website design company that provides cheap website design? Thanks in advance.

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How Can I Promote A Clickbank And Commission Junction Affiliate Links Via Google Adwords?

Is it possible to promote a affiliate links without creating a webpage or landing page using google adwords nowadays.

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