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Is There A Specific Name For This Look/face That Niche And Her Sister Does From The Anime Called Tegami Bachi?

(Both Niche and her sister does this):…
They do this look with their nose popped up!What’s the name!?!?!D:
Also,if you don’t know the specific name what would you call it?

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Is Indian Institute Of Technology & Management At Delhi Affiliated By Council Of Distance Education ?

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Know Any Publishers Interested In Controversial Poetry?

For a good while I’ve been looking at many poetry publishers and e-zines and having a real difficult time finding venues that focus on controversial, vulgar, macabre and dark humor. Most stuff on the market is very conventional and suburban based, which is okay, but not really my niche. Anyone who is in the publishing world or have any knowledge, know where I can find a listing of publishers that fall under this domain?
Thank you.

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How Come Spain Has Such A Good Reputation?

Many countries have negative stuff associated to them. For example, the Italian mafia, the Russian mafia, the Japanise Yakuza, the Chinese triads.
Other have problems with the drug trade, for example Colombia and Mexico, or child poverty, like Brazil and the favelas.
Others have a bad reputation as tax havens, like Switzerland, because the took and hide the gold stolen to the Jews during the Hollocaust by the nazis.
USA has problems with shootings and gang violence.
The Muslim world has a problem with radicals an terrorism.
But Spain is never associated to any negative stuff. Ok, the economy is a bit slow now, and they have a high unemplyoment rate, but other that that, the opinion of everybody about Spain is very possible. Paella, fiesta, sun, bullfighting…everything seems to be positive about Spain.
I wonder why? Is it a marketing trick? Or is really Spain that good?
PS, There are other countries with a very good image, of course, like Canada, New Zealand, Norway, etc. What’s the secret?

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How Can I Make Close Friends As An Introverted College Student Living In The City?

*I’m also female by the way
I didn’t make any friends in my dorm freshman year. I think this is because most of these women were dumb, party-animal, airhead types. We were nice to each other and all, but I really don’t think anyone could have forced us to be friends. Now, this doesn’t mean I don’t ever party, but I’m by no means the stereotype of a female college student.
I’m a junior next fall, and I have made some friends, including two close friends, but I really don’t feel any stability with my social life. In other words, I don’t feel like I have a “core” or “base” that keeps me feeling socially secure. I truly feel like I’m on my own and have to fend for myself. In some ways this is great because I’m an introvert and so I can have my “space”. Yet, when I want that social closeness (either from a friendship or relationship) I don’t have it… What I really want and feel I’m missing in my life is a sense of social stability/security… I haven’t found a social niche, really. There is one group I’m friends with (and can say I’m part of for the most part), but it still isn’t providing that security in terms of my social life.
I guess I just don’t like that I have all these connections, but little solid or reliable social support and security. How do I change this? Meeting people at this school is a ridiculous challenge. With 55,000 undergrads, even people who have joined smaller clubs are fairly distant. The atmosphere around here makes it challenging to make close friends unless you were already from the area

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Can Anyone Tell Me What This Means?

I was on Facebook and I stumbled upon this status and it kinda frightened me (wording). I wont tell u the person’s name and how Im affiliated with them, but I just want to see if anyone can give me a deeper meaning into this
Thanks :3:
Now I live lean and I mean to inflict the grief, and the least of me’s still out of your reach. The killing machine’s gonna do the deed, until the river runs dry and my last breath leaves

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