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Is There Any Tool Were I Can Find Sites For Particular Keyword?

example if i search for “affiliate program” need to get related sites to me

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Biology Questions Help?

1. why do clams releases so much eggs and sperm when really only a few of them actually develop?
2. what role does a clam play in its niche

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What Website Do I Go On To Find Talent Agents?

I know about the SAG affiliated website with all the legitimate agencies in NYC, but I need the Backstage website. By the way, I am looking for the one in New York, NY. Additionally, I am a child, so I need a website/ link that gives submissions for children/ teens. Please help. Thank You!

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What Is The Niche Of The Vampire Bat \please Help?

I need to know the ecological niche or role of the vampire bat in the rainforest ecosystem AS WELL AS what the habitat of the vampire bat looks like and is made of what with what kind of animals are around its habitat. THANKS A LOT \i really appreciate it.

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Beatles Vs Led Zeppelin?

Here is my opinion to these two bands that both awesome.
Beatles all four members are composers and singers. For Led Zeppelin composer Robert plant and Jimmy page, singer only plant.
Lennon & Plant: Both can do rock-scream and they can both elevate their voices to even worse screaming. But Lennon can play instrument instruments.
McCartney and JPJ: This one was really not matched. JPJ was a great man, awesome member of LZ, sometimes he called as LZ secret weapon, and I respect this guy, when it comes to His skills. But McCartney alone is a complete musician, respected composer until now. Can play piano, gtr, bass, drums. And considered as the superior balladeer of the Beatles, Create the 1st proto-heavy metal song. McCartney has many complicated bass over to JPJ, aside from that he’s one the main singer.
Harrison and Page: These guys for me are both best lead guitarist of their respective bands. Jimmy and George are composers. They are producers too, But Jimmy pages guitar skills was more advanced that time, his solos are fast, but again the basis of being great is not only the speed George and Jimmy will be tie on this part They have many Great Iconic solos and if you count them George still wins, the only solos I can recall from LZ was Stairway, Dazed and Confused, Black Dog.. George edge is that he sings man. both are great!
Starr and Bonzo: You can easily Judge by listening to their works. Bonham wins for being best drummer, he was like ranked as the No.1 best drummer of all time. Skills to skills JB > RS; But I would like to add that In considerations to the British Invasion, Ringo started the heavy metal Drumming. All songs of ZP have complicated drum fills because of Bonham’s greatness, but Ringo also have complicated fills like in Rain & A day in a life That makes him tough competitors to drums. Let’s go on to the composition, Ringo have compositions in beatles time. 1 to 2 songs per album, Ringo Starr sings too.. bonham no singer.
Beatles are good instrumentalist although they are softer and more on poppish..LZ,no question when it comes to instrument talents. Over-all even soft music, Beatles governs on the instrument because LZ was guitar-drums band while Beatles were more complete one. even I can’t deny that in speed/skills they have Bonzo & Page kills Ringo & George respectively. but doesn’t mean they are weak, remember most of the creation of George & Ringo are Remarkable
Beatles revolutionized the rock music, and started the British invasion to which LZ was influenced.
Best selling Album record between Beatles and LZ, LZ Win for their Led Zeppelin lV album, Then 2nd will be Beatles’ Sgt Pepper Lonely hearts. They had closed fight for these individual albums.
Now let’s go to over-all best selling bands. This time Beatles is greater than LZ and also Greater than every artist known in the universe… Beatles holds the title for the best selling band for more than A Billion units.
Beatles was the combined forces of Elvis Presley, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Fats Domino, Dylan etc.
LZ was influenced by Elvis, Beatles (specially Rain song), Celtics, muddy water, etc.
Beatles sounds are everything, Pop, Acoustic, Country, Classic, Ballads, Psychedelic, Acid, Blues, Heavy-Proto Metal..
LZ Hard Rock, Blues, Acoustic.
LZ opened the door to some of the heavy rockers, not all because during LZ time, Sabbath and DP did already exist.
Beatles opened the door to all rockers including LZ, Sabbath and DP when they first started the British invasion and conquered America. LZ should thanks Beatles for opening the door for them. That’s why LZ easily market their name and works to US that time because of Beatles.
Beatles known as master of back masking, & Inventor the MTV when they create Rain and Paperback writer video.
Beatles started the 1st major concert/event in US Shea stadium for more than 60,000 audience. but LZ later break the record.
Beatles known to be 1st ever band to revolutionized music by experimentation, off course LZ do the same after.
Beatles known too as the band that appreciate black artist and western music in the 60’s.
LZ incorporate so much Blues music than beatles. The most bluesy song by the beatles is “I want you(She so heavy..)”
There was so called “Beatlesmania”. I wonder if LZ have “Zepmania or LedZepmania?
Because of the film “A hard days night” American Media proclaimed England as the center of the music, image and fashion.
Beatles also started the image of Long haired band before LZ, the Headbanging before Ozzy.
Some say that Stairway to heaven is the best rock song of all time, and I agree to that., but some list say it was Imagine by Lennon.
Have LZ beat the song “Yesterday”? the most covered and played song of all time.
LZ placed multiple no.1 songs in Charts? Big No. but Beatles Did many times during their hey days..
Beatles also do acting;
Beatles st

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Where Should I Go To College? Ucsb, Ucsc?

The deadline is in 3 days and I still am having a hard time deciding where I want to go…I don’t really know what I want to major in, so that doesn’t help at all, but I applied Undeclared-College of Letters and Science.
I would go to UCSB, but the only problem is that from what I’ve heard about it, the majority of the students there are very social and party/drink a lot, which I’m not opposed to, but it’s never been something that I’ve actively participated in. Idk, I just feel like I wouldn’t really fit in there, since I’m kind of socially awkward and quiet and have a bit of a nerdy streak. If there’s a place there for people who are sorta offbeat, I haven’t heard about it 😛
UCSC is apparently full of people like me, quirky, kinda weird, but still down to have a good time. It’s a gorgeous campus too (though it sort of pales in comparison to UCSB haha). It’s a lot farther away but I have family in San Jose so I would always have someone close by, not to mention that I have a couple of friends who are going there. The only thing is I feel like my family has turned their noses up at it because it’s not as prestigious as the other UCs, and I can kind of see why. Academics have never been hugely important to me but I do understand that UCSB is a great opportunity that I shouldn’t just throw away.
I guess what I’m basically asking is if there’d be a niche for me at UCSB? The only thing stopping me from going is that I’m worried I wouldn’t fit in since I’m not super popular/sociable, but maybe I’m just freaking out over nothing 😛

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