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Why Do People Think Ron Paul Is Not Electable? And Why Does The News Try To Hide Him So Much? Seriously?

Obama promised change, but things have stayed exactly the same. Many Democrats are disgusted with him. Some Democrats may vote for him simply because it is their affiliated party. The same goes for Republicans. They too don’t want Obama reelected, but they will vote for candidates due to their party affiliation.
If FOX News or CNN or ANY other news station says a Republican candidate is electable or is “in the lead” *cough* Newt Gingrich *cough*, then the Republicans jump on the bandwagon. They are like sheep – stupid, brainwashed, easily-molded sheep. They don’t know about politics, and if they think they do, most candidates lie anyways. Look at Obama, Bush, Cain, Gingrich, Romney, Perry, and all of the others. There is one man who stands out, though – Ron Paul, possibly the reincarnation of Jesus/Buddha/Allah/The Flying Spaghetti Monster himself.
Ron Paul does not advocate the legalization of drugs as many think, but rather he wants to give states the choice. This country was founded on state power. The federal government reigns supreme, however. We might as well have King George III as our president. Anyways, drug cartels only exist because drugs are illegal. The War on Drugs OBVIOUSLY doesn’t work with… oh, I don’t know… about 55% of the population supporting the legalization of pot and probably more smoking it? This futile War also strengthens the drugs cartels. Hard choice, right? Obviously, meth, crack, and the like are much more controversial. But weed is causing violence, filling up our prisons, and making us pay taxes.
Do you, dear reader, know how much money our government spends annually to pay for pot-smoking “criminals'” jail sentences? A whopping 7 BILLION DOLLARS ANNUALLY. If we got rid of that, we would forget all about the deficit. What deficit? Exactly <3 One last point in this subject is an excise tax on marijuana, just like on alcohol and cigarettes. This is more cash flow to help with the recession.
Why do so many people think he is unelectable? He has young people's votes, veterans' votes, soldiers' votes, stoners' votes, economists' votes, and many Independent and Democratic votes. Blue Republicans are people that are usually Democrats but are registering Republican ONLY to VOTE for RON PAUL. And oh boy are there a lot of Blue Republicans. Independents would rather vote for Ron Paul than Obama or the mainstream GOP. Speaking of mainstream, why doesn't FOX News, or any other station for that matter, talk about Ron Paul? They say the front-runners are Cain, Romney, and Gingrich, but they fail to mention that Ron Paul is up there with them, actually surpassing Gingrich and Cain and close to Romney. He is winning in Iowa, haven't you heard? If not, then Google "Ron Paul Iowa." I'm sure you'll find plenty of pages on this.
The mainstream do not want him getting attention because the Republicans want a filthy, lying candidate – a candidate that goes against what he advocates.
He has the highest electability among all of the Republican candidates. If Romney runs, how many Democrats or Independents are going to vote for him instead of their own respective parties. If Ron Paul runs, he will get a massive amount of votes from Democrats, Independents, and Republicans, most of which will vote for him ONLY because he is Republican… but no matter. He is the only option.
Any other areas, which there are PLENTY of, people should write about 😛 I don't feel like writing more right now because I have a shitload of college homework to do before finals.
Happy St. Paul's Day :3

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Is There Volunteering Services In The Military?

Im very interested in joining the military but I cannot join anytime soon. Id like to somehow be affiliated though. What can I do? Is there any type of volunteer service or group I can join. The experience would be awesome.

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Describe The Difference Between A Habitat And An Ecological Niche.?

a habitat is a portion of the real world
an ecological niche is a human perception describing how we perceive a species fits into the ecological categories it is related to or surrounded by

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Codename Ideas For Characters?

Okay I have three characters which are affiliated with Yakuza.
1)Red Serpent
2)Green Dragon
3)Blue Phoenix
My question is:
1)Can you come up with more?(needs to be color+fantasy creature OR something fantasy related)
2)After your suggestions, where on the body should the tattoo representing the codename be?(eg Character with codename Blue Phoenix has a Blue Phoenix tattoo accross their back)
These caharcters are all females btw
Thanks I really need help since Im kinda bad at this xD

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Is It Weird For A 26 Year Old To Never Had A Single Relationship With Anyone?

Knowing that some readers would instantly jump to conclusions, I’m listing the following factors first:
1) I am only attracted to a very particular niche (unfortunately attraction is biological and there is nothing I could do to change this)
2) most girls see me as long term material the very first sight they see me (not trying to be arrogant here, but it’s true and oftentimes I wish it wasn’t)
3) I do not chase and I do not conform to play hard to get (to be fair, if I was sadistic enough, I would manipulate the situation so that they would chase me, so don’t get me started; and if they pester me enough about it, thinking it’s the only way the guy is interested or they are being selfish and get the guy to unnaturally become submissive, I would be more inclined to throw her/them out). Having said that, I don’t care who makes the first move, so long one of us does.
4) I uphold ethics and principles such that if she is looking for something completely different to what I am, e.g. I am considering whether she is someone I would date vs she thinking I am long term material, it’s no game and I break it off
5) I do not want people to change themselves because of me, because it seems fake and, if they put up with it over the long term, they could easily get depressed
6) I cannot stand shy girls i.e. can’t even talk to them properly or even be able to befriend them. (To be fair, they are too tensed to say anything properly to me and we keep getting moments of awkward silence anyway.)
7) I also reject girls on un-lady like behaviour and offensive remarks/assault (this is different from teasing). This would include manipulation and outright stupidity.
My mindset is to go out there and meet someone by chance and convenience. Having said that, I do ask friends for help and I do put myself on dating sites (no luck in either cases).
I go out to find women I am interested in and if we happen to click and look for the same thing. We go on a coffee date of some sort to know each other more (no romance involved until we are more familiar i.e. not point unless it’s genuine). If we do not naturally click, look for the same thing, or both, it’s game over and I move on. Ditto, if she violates any of the conditions stated above. No second chances.
Unfortunately the 7 conditions above will not change and do not change (trust me, I’ve tried it many times).
It’s not that I like sticking to a type, but I tend to feel very little, if any, attraction for anyone outside the niche.
From what you can tell, is there anything I am doing that is holding me back (other than the 7 conditions) or whether my mindset is a bit ‘off course’.

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What Do You Think Of These?

These are three females affiliated with the Yakuza. Any suggestions or something I should change? Thanks!
Name: Asami Yukimura
Codename: Red Serpent
A character which is the Leader of the Yakuza members. Kind and caring but Cold and heartless when provoked. Intelligent and plays by her own rules.Has a tattoo of a Red Serpent which is located? (I dont know where I should put their tattoos so mind helping?)
Name: Sayuri Kazama
Codename: Green Dragon
Caring and gentle. Shy around her crush otherwise shes brave and stuff. Strong. Determined and will show no mercy to those who hurt the one she loves. Ordinary member nothing special about her. Tattoo of green serpent located ?
Name: Kameko Toyoshima
Codename: Blue Phoenix
The toughest member in the gang. Familiar with swords and wields a katana. Excellent swordswoman. Gentle and caring by nature but usually hostile and furious. Tattoo of a blue phoenix located?
I also need the locations of the tattoo. Thank you all!

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