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Whats Your Favorite Quran Verse/aya?

Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth,
The parable of His Light is as if there were a niche,
And within it a Lamp: The Lamp enclosed in Glass;
The glass as it were a brilliant star;
Lit from a blessed Tree,
An Olive, neither of the East nor of the West,
Whose oil is well-nigh luminous, though fire scarce touched it;
Light upon Light!
Allah doth set forth parables for men: and Allah doth know all things.
surah 24:35 Al Nur (The Light)
I know its more epic in Arabic!

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Does He Like Me Or Not?

What does this mean…
Note: this guy goes to my church and my church forbids dating, flirting, and not intimately affiliating with the opposite sex.
What does it mean when a guy does the following…
1. He talks to everyone else besides you
2. He stares in the corner of his eye, or sometimes look
3. His cousin  +  friends are looking and talking to you
4. He doesn’t except you on Facebook, but spy’s on your friend(s) when you post something. 
5. Concerned (gets sad when you are sad)
6. Flirt and hangs out with a girl  who is 7 yrs older than him (he’s 24 & she’s 31)
7. Will not allow you to talk to other guys, meaning if you are talking to your best buddies, he will interrupt and seems to hate it.
8. Leaves the room when you talk to other guys.
9. Keeps an eye on you when you see him, like spying.

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Are You Getting Tired Of Adam Sandler Movies?

To paraphrase Howard Stern, he’s just not that funny. All his movies are predictable derivatives of each other. The typical plot: Underdog, two-dimensional nice guy/family guy fights against two-dimensional cardboard cutout bad guy, scatological humor ensues, good guy wins, and usually wins girl. The only thing that changes between his movies are the movies’ titles and characters’ names. In almost all of his movies he is wealthy and manages to end up with a blonde that in real life would be totally unattainable. In fact, the uglier he gets as he ages, the younger the women get.
I mildly liked some of his mid-90’s stuff (Billy Madison) but he really isn’t that funny, and frankly if this is the best our (American) studios can make as far as comedy, it’s pretty embarrassing. There is very little really good comedy out there and Sandler just seems to monopolize this niche with his crap..

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Please Answer: Can A 15 Year Old Start A Travel Advisory Firm?

I have a lot of business experience and I’m very business-orientated. I particularly love travelling and I have travelled a lot all around the world with my family. My idea is to be an affiliate with hotels, resorts, cruise lines and travel networks. My dad also owns a property in France and has time-share experience. I will then advise various families and other travellers which hotel and country will be most suitable for them and possibly hire some fellow consultants to advise them too. I will not reveal my age. Do you think this is possible and if not, why?

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Difference Between Backlinks And External Backlinks And Refering Domains?

when we consider to build a micro niche site what we most take care about external backlinks ,referring domains or strength of competition

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Gang Advice Help Plz?

Im gang affiliated … Recently my gang has been in the news for a shooting and a planned shooting and a few other things… In the paper they have a detectives number to call with any info …. I haven’t hung out with the gang in a while, I’m on probation now I spent a lil while in jail for criminal mischief ..Ive been having problem with my own gang because i want to leave it and because ” I haven’t been kicking it enough” I haven’t seen them or Hung out in about 4 months …. What would happen if I called that detective up and tried to give him info im technically in the gang since I haven’t been let go .. and Idk what they will do when they see me least they can do is beat me up worst would b get shot or shoot up my house which i don’t want since my family is here and they have nothing to do with it ….the thing is I don’t want the detective to drop my name and then ill definitely b a Target for them And b labeled a snitch….could I get in trouble by the cops if I do this? And what would they want to know? Who the leader is? I just don’t knw what to do …I messed up joining it but I was really young ….now overtime they call me I have to make an excuse for why I can’t go meet up ….any advice?

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