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What Does *rubs Forehead Twice* Mean? Abh ( Android Brotherhood)?

I know there is a group of yound people who feel conected because they have android phones. They are supposed to hate iphones, and have a secret rule #1 about not talking about the brotherhood. I found them on the app funny jokes from the android market. The whole rubbing of the forehead confuses me though. Is it a signal? What does it mean? Or is it just a way of identifing members? Also I wonder how many members there are?

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What Do I Have To Do To Run For Mayor In Miami-dade County?

I would like to get more information on the requirements and processes to run for mayor in Miami-Dade County….
I’m 20 years old and not affiliated to any political party. I was born in Miami and have lived here for most of my life, so of course I’m a Florida Resident…
What other requirements do I have to meet?

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Who Believes Maria Sharapova’s Biography ?

The lie .That…her dad came to the US with her as an 8 years old. He spoke no English, had only $700 in his pocket & worked odd jobs. SORRY, who is dumb enough to believe such a story. The US Embassy would never ever issue a visa to any applicants in such situation. The truth. She was sponsored by a wealthy tennis CEO, helped in bringing her & her father to the US, housed them in a wealthy/rich home, put her through the academy & helped/helping her (in secret) in draws & the rise in tennis.
It is well know that this is a common secret practice. Powerful tennis organizers search all over the world (especially Eastern Europe) for young beautiful girls that play tennis from poor families with the promise of a better life, rich and fame, for a cut ( a percentage) in their future winnings. Remember the scandal between Ion Tiriac & Boris Becker .Usually those powerful sponsors search for pretty blonde girls from poor families. Easy prey. The catch. It is easy to market ” beauty ” and make a lot of money doing so. People love a ” beautiful champion “, …even if it is a fake one.

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What Is The Most People Buy Affiliate Item?

I want know more details about that

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Which Language To Learn Next? (10 Points!)?

I would like to learn a new language. So far, here is my knowledge:
– Semi-Fluent Spanish (lost a bit, families native language on my fathers side)
-Fluent English
-Basic Polish
-Basic German
-Basic Italian
-Basic French
-Basic Chaldean
I am pretty good with languages and have a niche for linguistics. I’m only in the 7th grade and I am a girl as well. I was thinking of furthering my knowledge and fluency in German or Italian, but I’m not sure of which. I wasn’t satisfied with French, as I ended up giving up as I realized how bad my accent was and could not get it correct. My dad speaks Polish, though he isn’t Polish and I learned the basics and I may take the language further in the future. Chaldean is definitely a more difficult language, but since I live in a Chaldean neighborhood, I picked it up. I can say basic prayers and phrases in Chaldean. So which should I further myself in, German or Italian? Or should I choose another language? (Please give me a suggestion) Also, does this look good for a university application? I want to have a bright future. Thank you for your time(:

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Are “movie Cops” Actual Police Men?

I don’t know because I think they would be those rented cops, but they have guns. Are they just rented cops with licenses to carry guns? Do they have any arresting power, and are they affiliated with the government?

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