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Can You Still Buy With The Amazon Tax In Effect?

i am a California resident asking any body who lives in places like Arkansas or any other state who had to deal with the amazon tax , did you still buy from amazon after the affiliates where let go from amazon or did you buy your stuff from some where else ? i am just asking if it is still ok to buy from them or not.

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Libs, Why Can’t You Understand That Raising Taxes Destroys Jobs?

Amazon announces it will drop California affiliates if California adopts their budget which would attempt to force Amazon to pay online sales taxes.
This is no empty threat either. Jobs were lost in Colorado over these same disputes.
How is this any different than companies shipping jobs overseas when the taxes and regulations make the USA too unfriendly to do business?

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How To Increase Blog Trafick?

guys how to increase my blog trafik? How to chose niche blog,please tell me friend

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If I Get A Buddha Tattoo On My Shoulder/arm, Can I Still Become A Successful Police Officer?

My passion in life has always been tattoos and becoming a Police Officer. Next month, I want to get a shoulder/arm tattoo of Siddhartha Gautuama & a monk. It’s obviously not gang affiliated or dirty or anything, it’s religious. Would I be able to successfully get a job as a Police Officer if I had that tattoo?

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Help Me Name The Daycare?

A Salam o Alaikom
Thank you all for your time & answers!
I am (InshaALLAH) wanting to open an Islamic daycare in a couple weeks 😀
There is definitely a big Muslim Niche here in the city I live
& I would like t o take part in the hasanate of teaching children Quran/ manners etc
I would like to start small in my home at first with 2 children
(I am persuing pursuing Childhood Education)
And later grow to another facility in the community that hold more children (INSHA-ALLAH!)
I definately would like to be competitive with the cost so
I’ve beat the least expensive daycare in town by $9.00!
25$ a day flat rate + optional food plan (20$ a week)
**I have lesson plans and a cariculumcurriculumned out. Ive made booklets for the parents on daily/weekly proceedurproceduresut to install a fence in my back yard**
including: Colors/#’s/Letters/Islamic phrases etc
Im making posters & signs to put outside of the local mesjid’s & Halal stores
& am still stuck on what name I should chose 🙂
I was wondering what you all thought:
“Little Siddiqi’s Daycare”
“Raising Siddiqi Daycare”
“Raising a Saddiq”
If you have any other input on names/ideas plesae advise 🙂

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Anyone Have Any Experience With This Bank?

METABANK and its affiliate netSpend?
I researched and did not find anything negative. I want to have my direct deposit sent there from work. The fees are reasonable and all my funds from payroll, tax returns, child support if I ever get any will be deposited on a prepaid MasterCard.
Any one have any experience with this?

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