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Is Eminem And 50 Cent Still Affiliated?

I guess but 50 cent seems to be making songs with other artist and not with em

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Avatar Please I Really Realy Need Heellpp?

Behaviorally how are we and them different toward our ecological niches?

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2pac And Biggie Deaths…?

After watching every movie, documentary, and videos on 2pac and biggie, i have a theory on what happened. When 2pac got shot in new york, he felt like he was set up by biggie bcuz prior to that incident, biggie had mentioned to 2pac about this “bad guy” that biggie knew who was bad news and told 2pac to stay away from him. this “bad guy” was one of the men who shot 2pac in new york, so 2pac felt like biggie knew what happened, thus feeling like he was set up by biggie and this started the huge fued… 2pac always hung out and was affiliated with gangs in LA such as the bloods so he obviously had enemies even though 2pac never claimed to be a gang member. In las vegas, 2pac and his friends (suge knight, etc…) beat up a LA crip member, so obviously the crips were going to retaliate, especially on 2pac since he was well known, thus the shooting in las vegas… biggie smalls didnt have anything to do with the las vegas shooting but im pretty sure friends and ppl close to 2pac might have thought other wise so in retaliation they murdered biggie in their home city of LA… Suge knight pretty much ran streets in LA during this time, he had the most money, the most power, and everyone feared him, LAPD was known for corruptions, so im pretty sure suge hired a active or former corrupt cop to murder biggie…

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What? Avatar Question!!?

behaviorally how are we and them(navi) different toward our ecological niches?

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Dreams About Assault, Does Anybody Have A Gang Background?

I need some street smart advice. Gang affiliated people welcome.
I have dreams about being given drugs and being raped. I had a bad feeling about living in the building I’m in. One of the neighbors told me people are using and selling a lot of cocaine in here and the neighborhood and there is a lot of gang activity and sex offenders registered around here.
Although I have had dinner or watched a movie to be friendly with a few of the neighbors I was not dating them in any way and never using drugs with them.
I was unemployed for a few months and unaccountable to anyone for my time during that time, so it is possible; I could have been ‘taken’ and ‘mishandled’ for a few days. And that’s frightening. I am also looking for a roommate; I don’t think I want to live alone anymore.
I don’t know what to do; I cannot recall names or faces. I am squeamish and frightened for my life. I am considering running away to a shelter. My family is no support and I don’t have any friends. I wonder if anybody has a gang background or drug background could help me. I have a lot of paranoia now and somebody told me if you use drugs that happens. I don’t even know what they used, I have no memory of taking drugs, only ‘feeling high’ and having sex.
And I have an appointment scheduled for the gyne too. To check what I’m suspecting.
I feel like a constant target and I don’t have any money or resources but I have to get out of here, like relocate, and soon. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, I am not street smart at all.

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When Was Taken Over By Spiritualists?

you still can find other niches via the category menu, but the mainpage auto-directs from to

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