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Christians, How Many Of You Actually Know What Evolution Says?

I see stupid things like “If evolution is real, then why are there still monkey? Shouldn’t they have evolved into humans by now?” Really? For those of you who don’t know, back in the day, before Darwin, people believed in “The Chain of Creation” (or something along that line) it had humans at the top and all the lower animals below, so it was basically saying that humans were the pinnacle of creation. Well that’s not how evolution works. About 5 million of years ago humans and chimpanzees diverged (think, a fork in the road). We became what we are today because for us brain power was important, chimpanzees went where they are because that worked for them. Its what’s called a “Niche” its where an organism does best (like a carpenter or a painter, they do best in those jobs, so they stay there).
Also evolution does not say that an organism has to constantly change “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” an organism only changes if its niche changes or is destroyed, then-hopefully for the organism-a mutation will acer that will allow it to survive, if not then it will become extinct.
Now if you want to know all the details read “On the origin of species by way of natural selection” by Charles Darwin, or another book on the mechanics of evolution.

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Has Anyone Had Any Luck Promoting Ubot Studio?

I am looking for new affiliate programs and I came across the UBot Studio Affiliate Program. It looks like it pays well, but I just want to know if anyone else has promoted it and had any luck with it. The information is located at:

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Some Biology Questions?

1.Evolution occurs:
A) by altering physical traits but not behavioral traits.
B) only when the environment is changing.
C) only via natural selection, genetic drift, migration, or mutation
2.Thomas Malthus’s 1798 work, Essay on the Principle of Population, greatly influenced Darwin. Which of the following statements best summarizes Malthus’s idea?
A) Animals are able to pass to their offspring characteristics that were acquired in their lifetimes.
B) Individuals with better competitive abilities are more likely to survive and pass their genes to the next generation.
C) Isolated populations of organisms tend to differentiate into new species to fill different niches.
D) People reproduce much more quickly than their resources do. This results in competition for food and space, and in suffering and death.
3.Which of the following groups would be placed nearest the fungi in a phylogenetic tree based on DNA sequences?
A) gymnosperms
B) cyanobacteria
C) animals
4.To which one of the following is the bat’s wing NOT homologous?
A) the lion’s foreleg
B) the dragonfly’s wing
C) the human’s arm
D) the bird’s wing
5.The classic experiments performed in the 1950s by Harold Urey and Stanley Miller, were the first to show that:
A) simple organic molecules, such as amino acids, could form spontaneously in the laboratory under chemical conditions mimicking those of primitive Earth.
B) water (H2O) could be separated into atmospheric oxygen and H2 gas.
C) naturally occurring antibiotics, such as penicillin, could be used to treat bacterial diseases.
6.Which of the following molecules was NOT present in the pre-biotic environment?
A) ammonia (NH3)
B) methane (CH4)
C) molecular oxygen (O2)
D) water (H2O)
7.Much of what is known about the history of the origin of life came from:
A) written history.
B) word of mouth.
C) educated guesses.
D) the study of fossils.
8.The biological species concept is primarily based on:
A) reproductive isolation.
B) phylogenetic history.
C) ecological niche.
9.The biological species concept:
A) is infrequently used because it is inapplicable to many organisms.
B) states that any organisms that are biologically similar constitute a species.
C) defines a species as any group of actually or potentially interbreeding species that produce viable offspring

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Why Should I Be Proud To Be American?

I am a 21 year old white guy. What is there really to be proud of in america. we came here killed thousands of people to steal the land. enslaved Indian’s and blacks to do all the work. when freedom was granted it was still bull sh** freedom. our government has the biggest history of f****ing with 3rd world country’s in the guise of humanitarian intervention but has always secretly been in the name of capitalism, to make sure we had a foreign market for our goods. If citizens want change in the country it takes years and years of peaceful protest and then the government does just enough to shut us up. Most nations in the world hate us because of what our leaders choose to do. Has anyone watched “Secrets of the CIA”? They admit all the wrong they do just to fund their operations from drug sales to arms sales. If we don’t like a leader we help some B.S. dictator take over because he will do more of what we want, then we let them run free in the country usually resulting in the death of thousands of people. If you don’t know what i’m talking about just read “A Peoples History of the United States” by Howard Zinn. or watch “Secrets of the CIA”. After watching that video and all af the absolutely illegal, inhumane, and absurd things things they did on behalf of the us government or in the name of American interests (which is again usually capitalism, that only the elite in america benefit from) I have to wonder….. If we obviously know what they have done why do we still have a CIA?
Next: I do not vote… Why? because I get B.S. options. no one really cares about me or anyone I know. It cost a heep of money to have a successful campaign, so the president elects have to make sure they keep all the rich people happy so they will fund their campaign…. does not sound like a proper democracy to me… They find ways for government officials to launder money and tax cuts for the super rich, but the only way they can balance the budget is to take from education. I am not a genius or anything, but wouldn’t it make sense to invest as much as possible into the education of the future generations??? That way when all the old guys die we are not left with a bunch of idiots who cant afford school. But o yeah we cant because we are to busy pumping billions and billions…… and billions into military. I understand we need a strong military especially how messed up the world is, but I don’t understand how they screw the really important thing… American freedom and overall happiness of the nation.
I am just saying that it seams to me there is really no reason to be proud of my country. The only people who are truly free are the rich people and the politicians. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer but the only ones who care are the poor.
Im sure someone will talk about all the freedoms we have……… well all threought my life I was made to believe that we are the only place that is free. What about all of the other western nations??? France citizens appear to have just as much freedom as me. plus their education and healthcare is free. I would love to get out of here but unfortunately I was born in the bottom class of society and will probably never be able to change that.
By the way why does it seem all americans are so pissed about immigration? I understand when people come from mexico to make money and take back with them.. But it seems to me that everyone wants to stop people from moving here when even the founding fathers were illegal immigrants themselves.
Not to seem like i’m just bashing america but I just cant find anything good in our true history. everything we have overcome from slavery and so forth is just stuff our leaders or we have done to ourselves.
Does anyone feel the same? I look up these topics online and it I cant find many similar opinions. If your opinion differs from mine please post just keep it appropriate.
thanks to all.

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What Is The Yearly Salary For A Biomechatronic Engineer?

I’ve been doing a lot of research on biomechatronic engineering as a career option in the future, and I was wondering what the yearly salary for that specific field would be. I’ve tried searching on the MIT website or other sites affiliated with biomechatronics, however I cannot find any hits on salary.
If somebody who works in that field could tell me what the range may be, that would be wonderful.
Thanks in advance.

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How Do You Setup Your Own Affiliate Program, Having Others Market Your Business In Return For A Set Percentage?

We have a small online business, it’s very much a niche business related to domain names – not selling them by the way. Anyway, business was great when it started initially as we were the only non-domain register affiliated service out there (and still are) but very quiet now – we did very little advertising initially and really pretty much none after that.
We run it basically as a hobby but it does have potential. So, we’re thinking – we charge x for our service, we setup some type of coupon code system with a unique code for each affiliate, the customer gets lets say 10% off when they arrive at the site and enter the code to purchase our service, we can then track which affiliate gets how much. We’re thinking generous commissions of say 50% on the net take. Would something like that work? Never tried anything like it so just wondering? By the way we have a service which folks absolutely have to use – if not from us from someone else but we are quite literally the cheapest such service on the net, problem is we don’t advertise and we don’t advertise because we don’t get the business….a loop, lol. Thanks.

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