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What Is The Niche Of A Butterfly?

please answer it. this is until 11:00 only…
so hurry!!

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Where Can I Find These Beads/charms?…
theyre metal feathers with holes on the top and bottom.

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9/11 Conspiracies And “put” Options?

I’ve been trying to follow the 9/11 conspiracy theorists insisting that a large number of “put” options on the airline industry shortly before the 9/11 attack indicates foreknowledge of a conspiracy. I want to make sure I understand what they’re saying before deciding whether they have a legitimate claim or whether they’re a bunch of crackpots. Just HOW would any put option work in this supposed conspiracy? I know a “put” option is a contract to buy a stock at a given fixed price between one side who believes the stock price will go up and another side who thinks it will go down, but I can’t for the life of me see how it can be a factor in these 9/11 conspiracies.
Let’s say secret agent X wants to make a quick buck off a 9/11 attack he knows is coming, so he place a put option to buy stock at, say, $40 per share. Secret agent X then stages the 9/11 attack and the airline stock drops to $30 a share, meaning that when he invokes his put option, secret agent X will be paying $40 for a $30 stock. Secret agent X is *losing* $10 per share. Who in his right mind would stage a conspiracy to lose money?
The only way I can see how this would work is if some other unknown buyer had a put option with secret agent X, rather than the airline industry. The put option with secret agent X is for $40 per share, and then secret agent X stages the 9/11 attack and the stock drops to $30 per share. Secret agent X can now buy stock from the stock market at $30 per share and force the other buyer to pay $40 per share for a $10 profit…but this is completely different from their “put options on the airline industry” claim and it would means someone out there was ripped off by secret agent X and I can’t say they’d remain quiet about it. The only other way would be for the airline industry to write a put option for someone else and stage the attack on themselves, but staging an attack that creates a long term loss for the benefit of a short term gain is just plain absurd on so many levels.
Either these conspiracy theorists are entirely clueless on how put options work, or I’m entirely clueless on how put options work. So, I’ll let you settle it: how DO put options work?

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Classified Balance Sheet ~ Help Preparing?

Which of the following information would be on a balance sheet?
6.025% Long-Term Note Payable (only long term portion) 230,000
Accounts Payable 220,000
Accounts Receivable 110,000
Accumulated Depreciation – Building & Equip 109,600
Allowance of Doubtful Accounts 5,800
Building and Equipment 400,000
Capital Stock 2$ par, Authorized 100,00 Shares 60,000
Cash on Hand 44,725
Cash Surrendered Value of Life Insurance Policies 10,800
Current Installment of Long-term Debt (6.025% note) 20,000
Depreciation Expense 19,900
Discontinued Operational Loss 42,000
Dividends Received as Revenue 4,500
Error in Inventory Pricing in 2005 12,500
Goodwill 55,000
Inventories, at FIFO Cost (with market value of 360,000) 332,600
Long-Term Advance to Affiliated Company (Note Receivable) 50,000
Paid-in Capital in Excess Par 155,200
Prepaid 6 Months of Rent 3,600
Real Estate Tax Payable due 3/31/2010 6,625
Retain Earnings – Ending 12/31/09 262,800
Sales 450,000
Sales Return and Allowances 3,100
Savings Account Balance as of 12/31/09 26,000
Trading Marketable Securities (Listed at Cost, with a Market value of 51,800) 58,500
Uncollectible Account Expense 12,000
Unearned Revenue – Current Portion 14,500
~Notes are not required as of 12/31/09

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Is This A Good Gaming Laptop? Mainly Wow?

Is this a good laptop to play WoW on? is the Graphics card ok?…
Is this a good laptop for WOW? how high will i be able to have the settings?

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In What Way Is The Realised Niche Could Be Regarded As Flexible?

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