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Story Any Good? Character Names?

Alright, so here is my basic lay out of my idea. It is set in the medevail period. A boy, about 17, runs into an old man in the market place, the man then slips him a note that says ‘find the Raven’, tells the boy that the time has come, and then is shot by the palace guards. With his final breath he tells the boy to run. Running from the guards, he hides in a small pub where he meets a girl. Who then, rather harshly, I might add, throws him outside and demands to know why he was running, and if he was bringing the guards after her. Terrified, he shows her the note and tells her everything. Well, the girl turns out to be the Raven, a renown thief and bounty hunter. There is a lot more stuff that happens, but the basic of the plot is that there are seven(maybe more, not sure yet) magical blades hidden all around their world that are made out of precious gems, and when put together, the blades can cause unspeakable evil, or great acts of good, depending on the heart of the holder. On the main villian, the tyrant king, is after the heads of the Raven and the boy, but soon learns that he needs the boy to unlock the secrets of the Blades.
Yeah..thats all I really have so far, this idea has been in my head FOREVER!
Now, the people I need names for are:
The Raven
The old man
The boy
and the King (needs to be a kick butt villian name!)

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What Is A Non-profit Organization?

I work in a historic museum that is well supported by its community and the city. One day a customer came into my organization looked around, and started suggesting that we sell more framed prints in order to make a profit, she said, “you could make a profit”. It seemed like she was unsatisfied with the museum, it is a small museum, but it has its purpose. it was like she was unhappy with the tourism aspect of our organization. Is it appropriate to suggest something like that to an organization that is non-profit. It is our members, visitors, patrons, and trustees that make our organization what it is.
Was it rude of her? She was not a member, and she was not affiliated with the historic association by business. She did not even hand over a business card. What do you suppose her motive was? Would you ever just walk in to a non-profit historic organization and start suggesting things tp sell in order to make a profit? just wondering…

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How Do You Get Rid Of The Blue Smileys On Facebook That Are Added By Firefox.?

I have noticed there are little blue emotes that come up every time I try to make any sort of comment, status update, or even use the chatbox on Facebook. I assume they are affiliated with Mozilla Firefox, because they were not there when I was still using Google Chrome. How do I disable these emotes?
Picture for reference of what I am talking about:

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What’s The Best Insult You Can Think Of Toward A Liberal, Republican, And Other 3rd Party Affiliates…?

Why would I waste precious moments of my life trying to “think up insults” towards other Americans?

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Governmental Requirements For An Online Affiliate Marketing Website?

Hi, i’m a newbie at affiliate marketing, i have a great idea on a website but don’t know at all where to start. First off, what are the governmental requirements to launch a website and start marketing for other business online in the UK? Can i not just register a personal website and start affiiating?

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What Is A Good Niche To Promote?

depends on the product you are selling and the market you r targetting

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