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Latest Greatest Niche?

What is the highest converting niche on the internet at present ?

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How Do Affiliates Programs Make Money And Are They Mlm’s?

You make half of your money selling products. Half of your money recruiting new members. So they are MultiLevelMarketing enterprises.

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Want To Start A Call Center?

I want to start an inbound call center selling some kind of all natural health product. I’m wondering if anyone knows where I could find a product to sell, call center software, leads, and anything else you could think of. I’m currently an agent with a couple years experience and I’m ready to run my own show. Also I was wondering if anyone knows how to become affiliated with a club company.
Any help is appreciated.

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Is Backlink Quality Important?

It has not been a while since I started by business, and I am in a very niche industry so I have <5 competitors in my region. One of my competitors has somewhere between 3,000-4,000 backlinks. I know that because I googled: linkto:
and this particular company is always on the top 3 search result on many keywords I search for.
I am gradually building my backlinks (around 400 now) using directory listings, press releases, technology articles, youtube.. and many other legitimate sources.
another competitor of mine doesnt even show on the google search results, but if I go to linkto: I get almost 1.2 million hits. My theory is, they used one of these backlink building services which created a lot of back-links but made them loose credibility with google.. is this in any way true? are those back-link building websites harmful?
Any other advise you can give?

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Richfox Media, What’s Really Going On?

After canceling the 3 accounts requested by RichFox Media and having discussions with customer service reps, in my opinion yes, RichFox Media is a legitimate company. They do exist and are doing business. Not for “hiring,” but for using Intuit Web Service, eFax service and iVoice’s service to get “customers” or as stated in their Craig’s List posts “Interns” with a promise of $20 an hour, to “sign up” for the respective companies free trial services. They also require prof of signing up by requesting your login in information which is to be setup though a specific links supplied by RICHFOX MEDIA to “track” one’s progress which makes me believe their is more going one then a possible “intern” opportunity.
Beware. I believe this is nothing more then RFM funneling people though an affiliate marketing campaign/program disguised as an “internship program” that is being touted as a “marketing company in disguise”. Totally true and quite genius as they are saying upfront and in plane english as to what they really are. Do they have the 3 prospective entities in development what they say they do on their website ( Who knows. But one thing is for sure, if I were you I wouldn’t, no matter how desperate you are for a job, sign up with RichFox Media and potentially help get them paid though affiliate marketing.

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What Business Model Is The Most Effective In The Affiliate Marketing?

I would like to know which of the following business models is the most effective in the affiliate marketing. My affiliate program gives me a choice of business models and I can choose only one.
Select this option if your primary business model is based on loyalty or rewards. For example, your site offers points, donations, or other rewards for purchasing at selected merchants. Loyalty/Reward sites give something back to the consumer in exchange for purchasing through the publisher’s site. A percentage of the advertiser commission is used to pay a reward to the end user. Rewards come in many forms including cash, airline miles, credit card points, or a percent of sale given to an organization.
Select this option if your primary business model is based on offering coupons and deals to your customers.
General Shopping
Select this option if your primary business model is shopping. Shopping sites can be thought of as a virtual mall. The consumer can shop for various products and brands without ever having to leave the site. This type of publisher is not focused specifically on coupons and deals.
Select this option if your primary business model is based on search. Search publishers promote advertisers via search engine marketing (natural or paid).
Price Comparison
Select this option if your primary business model is based on price comparison. Comparison shopping sites sell items where some comparison is made before the purchase. Many times the publisher will have direct product links of the same product from different advertisers.
Select this option if your primary business model is based on content, such as news stories, media, music, or video. Content sites focus on a specific area of interest. This type of site is normally not a shopping site but users go to the site because they are interested in relevant content on site. Content sites that do well with performance-based marketing blend their area of expertise with product recommendations.
Social Shopping
Select this option if your primary business model is based on social shopping. Social shopping sites usually combine shopping with user recommendations, reviews, lists, and other social network features.
User Generated
Select this option if your primary business model is based on user-generated content such as communities, forums, and social networks.
Select this option if your primary business model does not fall under any of the other categories.

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