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The Power of Freebies in Affiliate Marketing

Everyone wants a freebie. Who would want to refuse a freebie anyway? Perhaps, eight or nine out of ten people would accept a freebie and one or two will forego it for some reasons. No matter how inexpensive a freebie is, people would be glad to accept it perhaps because it is human nature to be appreciative of gifts. In affiliate marketing, making use of gifts can be very beneficial especially if you know how to strategically deploy them. These are the best ways to offer freebies so you can have excellent marketing rewards.
Use Freebies in Your Marketing Campaign
In affiliate marketing, a freebie can be a very powerful instrument to turn your site visitors into loyal customers. If you offer some good and useful freebies, your site visitors will surely come back for more. But it is important to remember that they will have to find the freebies you are offering relevant and that there has to be a relevance between the main service or product you are promoting and the freebies you are offering on your site as well. A good example of a freebie you can offer if, let’s say, your main product is an e-book about party planning is a short report on how to host a successful party. Make sure that the freebie you are offering should promote or supplement the main product and highlight its importance.
Offer Useful Freebies but Offer Better Products
Of course, offering something that your visitors won’t just ignore is a great way of catching their attention and making come back for more. But make sure that the freebies you are offering on your site is no better than the products you are selling. Offer freebies to enhance the use of the product you are selling and not to make the customers ignore your premium offers. Your freebies are only part of your marketing strategy to attract more visitors and persuade them to make a purchase. If you make your freebies better than the products you are offering, then forget about making money from your affiliate marketing site.
Offering freebies is already a proven strategy that can be a very valuable tool in affiliate marketing. There are so many freebies you can afford to offer on your affiliate marketing site. A good example is to offer a useful mini-ebook that also promotes your affiliate marketing products or offer free shipping of products at a certain period of time. By imposing a time restriction, your site visitors will be encouraged to take advantage of the offer and make a purchase immediately

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